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Former Juventus player Anderson Hernanes interview




Former Juventus player Anderson Hernanes spoke exclusively today with The following is the full translation from his interview with the website.

Vlahovic and Morata together seem to get along very well, do you think it could be a solution for the rest of the season?

“Vlahovic is a great player and it was an important acquisition. He has already shown that he knows how to do great things and above all to score which is fundamental for a striker. He will get along well with Morata because he plays more central, while Alvaro plays very well from wide and above all he is flexible, they will find themselves wonderful.”


Does Juve have to renew Dybala’s contract?

“I don’t know what Dybala’s situation is but he is one of the strongest players I’ve played with . I would always like to have someone like Dybala in my team , but football is made up of moments and so many things need to be evaluated.”

Do you think Pogba would return to Juve?

“I don’t follow the negotiations much so I can’t tell you. It was very nice to play with him and already in the first games you could see that he was of inhuman strength. No one could ever stop him when he left . I remember that against Bayern, in Munich, he played a crazy game, as did Morata. Once, he had learned of my faith in religion and being a Muslim he asked me about the Bible. I answered him in French and he was amazed because he didn’t think I also spoke French. When I think I still laugh today.”


Which team are you most attached to in Italy?

“I am linked both with Juve, both with Inter and with Lazio. I feel with many players and also with managers, thank God I have created a good relationship with everyone.”

Thoughts on Allegri?

“He is very good and I like him as a coach. He is one of the strongest in the world , with Allegri I grew a lot and he made me play in different areas of the pitch. With him I played the most beautiful and important matches of my career and I had a lot of fun having him as a coach.”


Who was the person with whom you bonded the most in Turin?

Neto is the one I have the best relationship with and we talk to each other almost every day.”

The best memory you have with Juve?

“I’ve got a lot of them. The victory of the Scudetto and the Italian Cup for sure, but if we talk about matches I immediately think of the match against Bayern Munichin Turin that we lost 2-0 and then we drew. I took over in the second half and played one of my best games at Juve.”


Can Juve still win the Scudetto?

“Surely yes, the championship is still very long , Juve are a strong team who know how to win, They have a great coach and extraordinary players, it’s very difficult but they certainly won’t want to stand by and watch.”