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Former Juventus player Angelo Di Livio give his thoughts on the departure of Paulo Dybala




Since the news of Dybala’s departure became more or less official many have given their thoughts on whether this was the right move by Juventus. Former Juventus man Angelo Di Livio commented on the recent split between Juventus and Dybala in a statement with Rai2.


“I’m very sorry. I would like to understand if the doubts that Juventus have are due to injuries or if there is more to it than that. In my opinion it’s not just down to the financial situation but I don’t know, the main doubt is about the injuries he has suffered during his career, too many since he has been at Juve.”


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He also added:

“Lately he’s always injured , he recovers and gets hurt again. The only doubt are the physical problems, I have no doubts about his qualities but I would like to see him over a whole season.”


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