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Former teammate speaks to about Dybala’s contract situation



on contacted Francesco Della Rocca, a former Palermo teammate of Paulo Dybala, who played with him during 2014-2015 season, here is what he told the website regarding Dybala and the state of his contract negotiations with Juventus.

He was first asked about Dybala’s controversial maskless non celebration, after his goal against Udinese where Francesco replied:


“It seems clear to me that there is friction between him and the management. I saw him really very angry.”

When asked if he thought Paulo has evolved since there playing days at Palermo and if he is indeed a top player he said:

” Paulo is a top player. He just had some physical problems that penalized him in the last year and a half.”


Next they asked him his opinion on where Dybala’s best role is for the club, and he answered:

“In my opinion he is a quality second striker. He needs a first striker that acts as a mark to perform at his best. He must then be left free to do various things on the whole attack front.”

When asked about his transfer from Palermo to Juventus and how Dybala’s performance and behaviour was at the Sicilian Club when talks were on going he replied:


”  He knew he would go to Juventus in the middle of the year, but – despite this – he always continued to train with great professionalism. He was an example and an absolute leader, despite his young age. I already saw captain skills.”

When asked outright if Juventus should re sign him he said:

“In my opinion, yes, he is the strongest player in the Juve squad. The Bianconeri must renew him.”


And the final and most controversial question they asked was about the possibility of Paulo Dybala playing for Inter Milan:

“It wouldn’t be a betrayal, but I wouldn’t rule it out. It depends if Inter have the money to sign him.”


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