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From Primavera to the first team: Kenan Yildiz’s journey at Juventus is set to take the football world by storm

Max Statman



Juventus Primavera’s Kenan Yildiz is undoubtedly the team’s most talented player, according to coach Paolo Montero.

Yildiz has demonstrated his class throughout the season, with an evident growth process that could lead him to play for the Under 23 and even the first team if he continues to mature.


Yildiz has shown on several occasions that he is a young footballer who can make a difference with non-trivial plays and has the ability to take the team on his shoulders when needed.

His talent has been closely monitored by the Primavera league, with Montero citing Yildiz’s non-trivial qualities as potential assets for the Next Gen formation.

Despite Yildiz’s potential, he has not yet managed to establish himself in the first team or the Under 23 formation.

However, Montero dismissed rumors that Yildiz was disappointed by his lack of playing time, stating that the player was always singing in the locker room and that he did not seem unhappy.

As the season progresses, Yildiz is expected to receive more playing time, and Juventus has high hopes for him as a future star in the making.


His career could begin with matches in Serie C, with the ultimate goal of becoming a protagonist and potentially earning a spot on the first team, following in the footsteps of his predecessors.


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