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Full Danilo interview prior to Juventus’ UCL clash with Benfica

Max Statman



Danilo spoke with the press Tuesday evening in Turin as Juventus will take on Benfica Wednesday in a crucial Matchday 2 clash. Here is what the Fullback had to say. 


In what spirit are you facing this match? 


“Tomorrow we have to enter the field with the spirit that we have to win. We have to be balanced and with the spirit that we just have to win. When we talk about winning it does not mean winning the game after 5 ‘minutes but we have 90’ ​​minutes sometimes even 100 ‘ … At 9 pm we will take the field knowing we have to win “.

At what point are you on your journey?

“Yes, we certainly miss it otherwise we would have always won and unfortunately it wasn’t like that. We have to improve, grow, but we don’t have too much time to learn and from the next game we can’t give away a time like with Salernitana because at this level you can’t anymore. make a mistake. Benfica are a great team with great players. “

Do you think you can become a central defense?


“Yes, I’m definitely a full-back for now, but I enjoy playing more from central but then the coach decides where I have to play.”

Do you think it is already a decisive match?

“It’s a decisive match like any other. Tomorrow it has a different importance because we didn’t win the first one, not winning would make everything more difficult but we will face everything with serenity. We will have to take advantage of this moment, it will be an important evening: we expect the support of our fans. and that they push us. With the right responsibility we want to make the most of this evening “.

How do you find the right continuity?


“It is difficult to explain this. You need to have a linear performance to get to victory. You have to face every moment of the matches in the same way.”

What did the Paris match leave you? What spirit does the team have?

“With the right spirit and with the responsibility that it will be an important match. After Paris we understood that we have to believe in our possibilities. We have shown that with PSG, which are a great team, we can do great things.”

Why do the Italians suffer from the Portuguese teams?


“Not only the Italians but all the teams suffer against the Portuguese. They have quality and are used to playing in the Champions League and living great evenings. They have intensity but if they play with great intent we will have it too.”


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