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Full Interview with Dusan Vlahovic ahead of the match against Benfica

Max Statman



Dusan‘s words to TNT Sports Brazil :

JUVENTUS – “2022? It could have been better personally and collectively. Every day I want to do more, I want to improve, we can always improve, I always try to be stronger than the day before. I don’t know an exact evaluation but it could have been done better. What to Expect? It is important to remain calm and clear-headed, think game after game. The championship has just begun, it’s still long and anything can happen, we are focused on work, work harder than anyone else, be calm and we’ll see what happens. “


BENFICA– “A great team, very strong, it will be a tough match, especially in Portugal where the full stadium awaits us. The atmosphere is always beautiful, we will have to give everything, give 200%, then the matches decide the details, we have to be attentive to everything and let the best win “.

CHAMPIONS – “A very special competition, as soon as I arrived I heard about the Champions, the first match I heard the anthem, the whole climate, the week before is different, different sensations, everyone dreams of winning it, we hope we will play it as much as possible “.

VLAHOVIC CHILD –“Hyperactive, I always wanted to move, run, the only way to control myself was to have a sport where I could let off steam and in the end I first tried basketball but friends played football and I also told my parents that I wanted to start to train in football, that’s where it started ”.

IDOLS – “It’s hard to say a name, when I was a child there were so many champions. I enjoyed their games to the fullest and our generations helped ”.

ITALY– “Difficult at the beginning, I am very attached to the family and leaving was not an easy step. At Fiorentina I had Milenkovic as my partner who helped me a lot, I always thank him, he was like an older brother, even today we have a great relationship. My family often came to visit me and they were close to me and the environment also helped me and I always thank them ”.

ARRIVAL AT JUVE– “When I arrived I knew the colleagues I played against, from the first day I felt integrated, everyone tried to help me on everything and speed up the setting, starting from the teammates to the managers, the president, all the staff and thank you they too. The older players who have lived for many years in Juve have helped me a lot. Over time I have become friends with many, I am very lucky ”.

PALLONE D’ORO – “A unique emotion, it means that the path is right. The road is still very long, there is still a lot to do but it’s nice to be in the company of players like that. I have to work even harder ”.

KOSTIC– “I was happy when he arrived. When we started talking about Juve, I asked him if there was something, but I didn’t want to bother him and ask him so much. When he was about to arrive I wrote him a message:” Are you coming? “,” Yes yes I’m coming “. I was happy, it’s easier for me to have one of my national team with me, he integrated well, I was available as teammates and I hope we helped him and he is free to concentrate on the pitch.”

THE BRAZILIANS – “An advantage to know them for the World Cup, but they know us! We talked about them when the groups came out”.

DREAMS – “I don’t like talking about them, I keep them to myself. But I have clear goals to achieve sooner or later”.


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