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Full interview with Paulo Dybala

Max Statman




At the moment Paulo Dybala is with his national team in Argentina. La Joya spoke to ESPN Argentina. These are his words:

JUVE – “In Rome you feel important? Yes, the last few years at Juve have not been easy, a change of scenery did me good. Mourinho called me and in a few minutes I made a decision. He as well as the Sporting Director told me about the project and the desire to continue winning as they did last year.  Being a protagonist in a team like this helps me a lot. How did the fans welcome me? It was unusual. When you enter the stadium you are with your teammates, there I was alone. It had never happened to me. The Roma fan is similar to the Argentine fan in terms of passion. Different from the Juve environment, more similar to the Argentine one. They have a beautiful madness: I feel this affection, for them Rome comes first than the family. They live football like us “.


ROME’S CHOICE – ” We were in Rome with Juve, we were winning 4-3 and the coach let me out. Mourinho approached the bench to greet me and said to me:” You are a phenomenon . “This episode remained fixed to me , but I couldn’t know what would happen with the renewal at Juve . When he called me for the first time, he asked me if I remembered that moment. And I: “Sure, how could I forget it. It was an honor” Then he said to me: “Well, now you have to do it for me.” He also called me in the following days and it was easy to decide. Working with him is easy. With Jose I talk about everything, he knows all the players, from the elite to the third category. He has a group of people who work very well. I was surprised by Mourinho’s humility, he treats everyone equally. Sometimes he can give a different image for what you see on the pitch. Then I also saw him angry … I’m very happy at Roma, when you feel good it’s easier “.

NATIONAL – ” When the World Cup approaches, you always want to go to the national team, I didn’t want to miss it. We all work to go to the World Cup, then it will be the coach who will make the list. As an Argentine there is always the illusion of wanting to go to the World Cup. Personally I will work in the same way: giving everything with my club for the coach to see me and can count on me. ”



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