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Full Max Allegri Post game press conference




Juventus knew they needed a good result against Atalanta, a direct competitor for top four, on Sunday evening. The Bianconeri return to Turin with only one point, which was rescued by Danilo shortly before the final whistle was blown. Juve keep fourth place in Serie A for now, but Atalanta still have a match in hand. After the game Juventus Manager Max Allegri spoke with the microphones of DAZN Italia, here is what he had to say.

On todays result and escaping danger:

“It would have been a regret to lose a match played well technically. So much wrong in the realization phase, so many last passes. Three minutes then in terror at the end of the first half, then they are We risked capitulating and De Ligt sacrificed himself twice. The second half was as good as the first. On our ball, where we were supposed to score, we missed the ball with Vlahovic. Malinovskyi scored a wonderful goal, then the team believed in it until the end, an extraordinary match. ” 


On playing in a there man trident formation:

“Well, they opened up a lot for Morata and Dybala. They made good triangulations, even long ones. The first occasion was a nice closed triangle for McKennie and Dybala. The same opportunity happened just before. Then we got too crowded, we didn’t used the width and in the confusion they jump on you, you have to be good at playing the fast ball, playing from behind. Good game for everyone, technically also enjoyable. In the end a little less because you lost 1-0, the paradox of football is that you play well and risk losing. An important point, we wanted to win, but we knew that Atalanta are direct competitors and we have extended a positive streak. ”

On the fight for top four with Atalanta:

“It was official before we were out, too many points to recover, you always have to win and it was impossible. Let’s think about fourth place and try to improve our performances. Tonight where do we have to jump in front? the ball is good for scoring goals, or the last pass, you need attention and precision to turn actions into goals. Not that you can always do it, but there are moments for a paw. The bells don’t ring dead, I say … this time we didn’t make it “


On why Zakaria did not play:

“He had played two games, McKennie was fine. Today there were so many spaces to attack, he was good and he had a good game. He came from two games important, therehe needed a leg and McKennie and Rabiot had a good match. ”

On how to win the Championship:

“think there is better attack and best defense in the head. In the last 12 years maybe only Sarri has won without the best defense, but it was a different championship. “Inter, with respect for Milan and Napoli. It’s the strongest team, it’s just an owl, that’s it. Stronger than Juve? Right now, yes, we lost points in the first leg, maybe we had fun winning today, or having four points more. Vlahovic in the finish? Vlahovic is 22 years old, he has been at Juve for a month, the step forward apart from the controls is not to get nervous if he can’t do the things he knows how to do. Then when the right ball happens you need to pass it well and score goals “.



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