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Full Max Allegri press conference post Lecce

Max Statman



Massimiliano Allegri spoke to DAZN after the the 1-0 win over Lecce. Here are his words. 

DIRTY MATCH – “The team had a good game, apart from the last shot allowed, we were also lucky. We could have scored before the 1-0, even played a good game. We could make better use of some situations, precision in passing . In the second half we had opportunities, important to win, we came from a blow “.

BEANS –“Nicolò has great qualities, he has traveled a path where he has been a bit mongrelized in the role. In his career, the role is in front of the defense. He has technique, he has to learn it because he has never done it. the field, he had a good intuition, good Iling to give him that ball. Everyone behaved well, supported by the elderly on the field and those who entered. Nice victory in a difficult moment, climbing to 22 points was our goal and the boys they deserved it. “


SPIRIT –“Well done everyone, Miretti did well but he can’t score, Soulé was at first. Fagioli? I have to thank Kean, he wasn’t at the top at the end of the first half, Fagioli had to enter during the game. I told the boys: in football and in life you fall and get up, you have to be unconscious and have healthy madness. You have to be mentally strong and face the storm in the best possible way, as the boys did. Good at switching between Champions and league, I thank them. We will have a good Sunday. “

TO THE PLAYERS –“Young or old, recklessness and healthy madness must always be kept. If we are too rational, we are not going anywhere … What did I tell the boys? they go badly as they went. Since last March we didn’t win 3 games in a row, tonight was not easy. On the 29th is my son’s birthday, I was confident … in 2011, he won in Rome 3-1 or 3-2, when Cassano didn’t feel well. We played with the Giallorossi today too, I was confident about that too … “.

IN MIRETTI– “There was a situation where he had to look at the man behind. Sometimes they get attracted to the ball and we don’t get much support. Miretti has played a lot, last year and this year. He is reliable in his head, then one can play well or badly, but if you have a reliable one on a mental level you are a piece ahead. The more you have like this, the more you go forward “. 

SO MUCH SUFFERING – “Come back earlier? Now we had to get to 22, for half an hour we are in fifth place, we have exceeded 20. The last corner: in or out, I preferred to leave …”.



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