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Gianluca Ferrero speaks for the first time as a Juventus president

Max Statman



Gianluca Ferrero, newly elected president of Juventus, presents himself to the press for the first time as the club president:

“I took on the position of President of Juventus today with great emotion, but with great pride too. In my public release, a thought of strong thanks goes to all the presidents who preceded me, with some of whom I spent pieces of my life. In particular, I thank Andrea Agnelli, who today at the end of the Assembly gave me the beautiful shirt and of which I hope to be up to it and to honor it as it deserves. Thanks for the gift and the surprise.

“A first thought goes to the fans, always been the strength of the team and the heart. In the Assembly, but also lately, I have talked to some of them and feel the confidences. I found them lost, fearful, doubtful, worried about the future of our team. Here for our fans I want to be clear: when I made this commitment, to become president of Juventus, I did it with the idea of giving my best for Juventus. With the Board of Directors, elected with me and with the new CEO, we will work to build a future for Juventus equal to the height of the past.


“Glorious, 125 years old. A past that has made this company a glory of the sports world, the strongest Italian football club. I speak of Juventus all, the one who works in the field and outside. The whole society and those who work in it. As you know, challenges await us in the coming months. For which, as the Board of Directors, we believe we have experience, competence and determination to defend Juventus, our team in all locations.

“That is, I obviously speak of the criminal, sports and civil headquarters. We will do it with determination, with rigor, we will also do it with calmness and without any form of arrogance. We have always respected, respect and always respect all those who judge. We want equal respect for us, society, team. To discuss with seriousness and rigor, in the competent offices, what were the reasons for our action. Thank you.”


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