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Going Loca frustrated for Telli





Like all Juventini out there, I have been trying to enjoy my short summer before indulging deep into the abyss of a new season, once again. While I have learned to, and also chosen to tune out A LOT of what I have since deemed useless information, I have found more peace.

Instead of constantly searching for Juventus news, like I did in the past before finding this Twitter, and Juventus community as a whole at the end of 2020, I now sit back and relax and wait for the news to come to me.


That’s right black and white fans alike, we have you covered in full at Max Statman providing news from ONLY reliable sources, but there are also many other great pages, people, and feeds to keep you up to date who can be found if you look for them.

Having since learned and mastered this new ‘technique’ as I shall call it, sarcastically of course, I go into the season with a clearer mind, in terms of expectations. Today, instead of having potentially 20 different targets in my head bouncing off the walls and causing me migraines, I only focus on a few realistic names for the club.

Going into the off season, I thought this was going to be a simple and easy transfer window, we know who we want, and we will close them early and then get to shaping up and training the squad. Well, we don’t always get what we want, especially as fans of this club, and this summer has had ups and downs, highs and lows during this Mercato.

This year the Locatelli target and how it has been going wins the award for highest blood pressure riser of the year. If I had hair, I’d have begun to slowly rip it out over the course of the last month of ‘news’ that comes out.  Thankfully, I’m already bald.


‘The deal is close to being agreed’, ‘Juventus are far from Sassuolo’s asking price’, ‘The player has rejected other clubs and only wants Juventus’, ‘New Meeting scheduled early next week’, ‘ new meeting scheduled Thursday’, ‘ new meeting Monday’, ‘ new meeting’, ‘ meeting’, ‘ meet… Do you get my point?


After zero Ronaldo goals, no Dybala, and more Khedira, Juventus fans are  frustrated - Black & White & Read All Over
My face pretty much every time I read Locatelli news these days.


Dealing with this, and now the fact that Rugani is to remain as our 4th defender, and Allergi is in total love with De Sciglio still, is tormenting us fan’s to the bone. Though I do trust in my club, and will back all the players who are in the kit on August 22nd and beyond, I think it is fair to question, or be upset about things at the same time. I do not believe in bashing the club, disrespecting it or the players, but we are totally entitled to and even have our opinions. However I will say this, Rugani stays because he will be happy on the bench, even though he doesn’t have what it takes to be a Juventus player, just like De Sciglio can be a usefull sub from time to time, but will never be a starter or big player in this team.

When it comes to Juventus attempting to sign Manuel Locatelli, my honest opinion is this : we are totally flat broke. We are somewhat desperate to get our man and are using the fact that we know he will reject any other club’s offer to our advantage. We continue to low ball Sassuolo until they are forced to  either  accept Loca leaving for free when his contract is up, or make the decision to sell low to Juventus right now.

Watch this Locatelli skills video, which we all wait for Colo99’s welcome to Juve video to come out.


I am very confident this deal will be completed, and we will get our man for the midfield. But I am also being driven up the wall, annoyed, and feel the club probably could have handled this a bit quicker, or made it look better. This is really reminding me of last season when it took up until the deadline to seal Frederico Chiesa, and as a passionate Juventus fan, I would have lost my s!*t if we didn’t get him. I feel I will probably react the same way if we somehow find a way to mess up, of our own fault, or miss out – from no fault of our own – on Manuel Locatelli!

The amount of news that is being driven from this one transfer is incredible, people are making money with news, News feeds are growing their fan base, and all while we true Juventini’s are just plain fed up. In one week, a media news feed could say the same message, but word it differently and turn it into 25 tweets. Meaning 1 piece of clear visible information, can be refabricated 25 x and give us 25 reasons of hope, or disappointment. Max Statman has on purpose not posted updates at times, for this very reason.



Report - Juventus to resume Locatelli talks next week


The base of this article is to say, Juventus fans, I hear you! Loud and clear! I wanted to show you that I also share what most of you are feeling with the current situation. Though I might not agree with everything everyone says, especially shaming the club, or pointing the blame on our leaders, such as Agnelli for ‘penny pinching’, I feel the same frustrations you have, but I look at it in a positive way.

Juventus aren’t a club that backs down, and no matter who they have sitting in their executive desks or on the decision making team – they usually get what they want. Remember that.

The latest from Juve Edits @mpj_emil who is a must follow for Juve fans.


We will sign Manuel Locatelli. He will be a Juventus player next year. We will hear the announcer shout ‘Manuel’, and the fan’s follow up screaming ‘ Locatelli’ after a stunning goal. We will hear him speak his mind in postgame interviews. Even if we don’t all agree with how the situation is being dealt with ; have a little bit of faith. We will get our man.


Now, until the day comes where we do officially sign Locatelli, just relax, CALMA is what the great Buffon would yell at you with fire in his eyes. It will happen. where you can always find the best Juventus news and opinions. Follow @emaxstatman on Twitter for up to date news, when it comes out! Our podcast will begin shortly for the new season and can be found here:



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