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Has Dusan Vlahovic lived upto the excitement or is it just too early?




Juventus shocked the footballing world in January with the blockbuster signing of Dusan Vlahovic. Dusan Vlahovic has made 13 appearances for Juventus since signing scoring 6 goals, scoring against Verona, Salernitana, Villareal, Cagliari and a double against Empoli.



“Looking at the facts above, except Villareal, all the goals are against relatively weaker sides but that doesn’t tell the whole story. Juventus have struggled to score against mediocre sides this season under Max Allegri and Vlahovic has helped Juventus get past in several occasions, for example, against Cagliari this week, the game was in the balance till late in the second half before Vlahovic gave Juve the lead or against Empoli, which ended in a 3-2 win for Juve, Vlahovic’s two goals proved to be the difference.

While we talk about his important goals in securing the points against mediocre sides. Vlahovic has been poor in games against the big sides. As big of a fan I’m fan of him, The Serbian hasn’t delievered against the likes of Atalanta, Fiorentina in the cup, Villareal in the second leg and even a week or so before Inter where he didn’t do much.

This could be put down to the technical ability of the players around him as well who I have to agree have not been creating enough chances for him and maybe that is a matter of time and soon, they would get used to his movement and strong zones.

On Vlahovic, He’s a very exciting striker but he has serious limitations like his technical ability or mobility is not upto the mark. He’s great in things which he does which are shooting really early and precisely to not let the keeper adjust, & run in behind off defender, but even when he does that. I’ve not been impressed by his ability to link up with his teammates or go on all the way and take a shot. There have been too many moments when he’s spun behind defenders but has been unable to take a decent shot or pass.

Hopefully, he can get better with time and whoever the management bring in summer, whether it’s Zaniolo, Raspadori or someone else manages to fit in well with Vlahovic and have a understanding of how they want to hurt the opposition.”


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