Has Max Allegri lost the desire?

Juventus defeated Sassuolo at the Mapei stadium on monday night but Max Allegri’s post match comments left everyone shocked.

This is what Allegri had to say about Juventus approach heading into the game:

“I was trying to bring home a draw, because a draw would have been an important result here.”

You would be shocked reading this, considering a team like Juventus should not be playing for a draw against Sassuolo. Allegri’s approach has been relatively conservative in all the games especially in the big ones, where he’s tried to play for a 0-0 draw.

Allegri has also been resolute that Juventus target this season was/is the fourth place. Well, the fans don’t want the team to play for just a Champions league spot. We want the team to be fighting for the title.

Allegri hasn’t shown any signs of motivation or morale this season, this could be used as a trick by the coach to keep the expectations lower in his first year.

Juventus have four games left in the league and a Coppa Italia final against Inter Milan. Juventus, mathematically need two wins out of four games to secure top four finish.

I’m someone who believes Allegri could be the right guy for Juventus at this particular moment but he needs to show more ambition and desire in his comments. His comments, actually give the player’s an excuse for under-performing, The manager is the one that sets the standard. Allegri needs to regain Juventus standard which is to compete for the Scudetto every year and not just be in Champions League.

I do believe, Allegri needs to be given one more season atleast and needs to be backed big time by the management. Even last summer, he was made to work with what was available, except the addition of Manuel Locatelli. In January, it got better with Dusan Vlahovic and Denis Zakaria and now the improvement in squad must continue this summer. Juventus will need a big mercato, minimum 3-4 quality players have to be brought in.


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