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Relax – Have a Pina Colada and Shout Forza Juve




In the past 24 hours, I have come across news, comments (mostly negative), complaints to the extremes of receiving condolences for Juventus’s performance in the 4-0 loss to Chelsea in the Champions League last night.

To all of them I had only one reply, that is to relax and calm down. It was just another game.


I know it was a disastrous performance where as though there was a hole in the midfield and Chelsea seemed to be able to dissect every attacking endeavour right into the Juventus penalty box. It was evident of the fact that come January, a specialist defensive midfielder has to be signed. The striker signing can wait until the summer, but a defensive midfielder is of top top priority.

However, I would recommend all Juventinis to calm down and not really take into account all the negativity that is being portrayed at the moment.

Allegri’s comment after the game, “Sorry for the defeat but the first place or second place doesn’t matter a lot” is nothing more than true. He admits of the bad performance, but remember, prior to this, this particular Juventus squad had a perfect record in this season of the champions league, including beating Chelsea 1-0. Furthermore, the fact that we have already qualified means that things can only improve from here.

Furthermore, it is of the utmost importance that all of us as fans get behind our team, may it be from near or far to focus on the next Serie A game against Atalanta. It is a fact that beating Atalanta 1-0 this weekend is far more important than that Chelsea game. Do we all realise that just a few weeks ago, we were 18 points apart from the Series A leaders, and here we are at 11 points now. I am not yet keeping my hopes up as I think 11 points is still quite a distance. However, winning one game at a time is very important for Juventus to achieve.

Many of us must also consider the fact that Allegri has inherited a very unstable and inconsistent squad and yet…one thing I am super optimistic about is that come the end of the season, many of us will be happy if not proud of Mr. Max and the work he has done.

So for now, Relax, sip a Pina Colada, put your leg up, and shout Forza Juve!

Because this so called depleted Juventus Team has qualified for the next round of the Champions League which means we are one step closer to that trophy!

Fina Alla Fine!

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