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How Juve closed the deal for Vlahovic during a financial crisis




With less than a week remaining in January, Juventus have pulled off the shock move of all shock moves in the recent history of the winter Mercato, with it now being confirmed by multiple sources that Juventus and Vlahovic have agreed to terms and that the next step was to sit down with Fiorentina management and make a deal for the player, which then quickly developed into Juve and Fiorentina agreeing to terms on a transfer fee that will be in an around the range of €65M-€75M.

With all the agreements now being agreed to, the next step of course is to finally get the player to Juventus HQ where he can finally take his medicals, sign the contract and of course take that all to familiar picture at the press conference holding up his new number nine shirt along side Juve management.


So what are the next steps and when can we expect all of this to finally happen, well just a reminder that Dusan can’t yet undergo his medical with Juventus due to Corona. His agents will meet with Juve management today to go over all the minor details and then of course they will finalize the deal, and as soon has Vlahovic test negative for the virus, fans of Juve can finally get what they are waiting for.

With so much scrutiny surrounding Juve’s finances, some questions were asked how this deal could be made in the first place? But if we go back to the meeting held last year with Juve management and Exor CEO John Elkann in attendance, is was then reported that Juventus in the new year would see a capital gain increase to help with debts. We can now report that those debts have been paid, which now set the table for Juventus to make the deal to sign Dusan Vlahovic from Fiorentina. And there’s still good news, even after this signing, Juventus will have another €85M left over which is believed to be for the club to use in this summers up coming transfer Market. It seems that reports of the Bianconeri’s death due to a finical crisis has been greatly exaggerated.

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