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How Juventus is preparing for their defence on appeal

Max Statman



Juventus plans to challenge a recent court ruling that imposed a penalty of 15 points and several months of inhibition for its top managers.

The ruling, issued by the Court of Appeal, was deemed unjust by the club, which plans to fight the sentence in all possible venues.


According to the Coni Board of Guarantee, the legitimacy of the sentence is at the center of the dispute. The Coni panel is responsible for deciding on violations of legal rules, but does not rule on the merits of the case. The panel can either annul the sentence, confirm it, or refer the case to the court for a new trial.

Juventus’ legal team argues that the public prosecutor’s office exceeded the deadline for presenting the request for revocation that led to the new process on capital gains.

The club also plans to appeal to the Lazio Regional Administrative Court and the Council of State if necessary.


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