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Interview with former Juventus coach Fabio Capello




Juve is still in contention for the Scudetto, according to Fabio Capello. The former Juventus coach spoke to La Gazzetta dello Sport on the teams battling for the title, while also supporting Massimiliano Allegri.

PERSONAL FAVORITES – “There are now four teams competing, each with a 25% chance of winning. On Sunday, one will be sent out. For the time being, they are all equal”.


JUVE- “Allegri is an intelligent man and makes the team play as best he can. I don’t understand all these criticisms for the 1-0. Praise of the game? More than cloying, a big stupid. And a lack of respect for what Allegri has done. I repeat, but it seems to me that I am speaking to the deaf, that playing football with short passes and copying the Guardiola of many years ago does not solve anything”.

DOWN INTER?- “This is again another exaggeration. I don’t see any teams who have been knocked out. Inter will rebound, but the outcome of Sunday’s encounter against Juventus will be crucial. A draw would be a loss for both of us, therefore I believe the coaches will use the weapons at their disposal. Juve will have to take more risks since they are behind in the rankings, but even Inter cannot afford a draw. The distances are kept to a minimum. Let’s not forget about Napoli, a very excellent squad that has matured a lot and has a coach who understands where to lead them in the title race”.

MILAN – “First of all, it has the advantage of being light-hearted, this is the key. Milan is a team that transmits joy and is led by a coach who is doing an excellent job. But like all young groups, it can have ups and downs. And keep an eye on the calendar, which is not easy”.


IN EUROPE- “At the international level we are not there, only Atalanta, which is not among the four in the fight for the Scudetto, proved to be competitive. We have to change the pace of the game: for now, we are fast slowly and there is no need. We have to take the German model, retrieve the ball and play it immediately forward. The qualities to do so are there”.


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