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Interview with former Juventus director Luciano Moggi




Former Juventus director Luciano Moggi was interviewed for on the eve of Juventus-Inter, the “mother” of all matches. Moggi discusses how Juventus and its players are performing and their future, as well as the need for reform following Italy’s failure to qualify for the World Cup and revealing news on the Calciopoli front that has been kept secret for years.

Who is ahead in the race?


“Inter, for the game. For the form Juve. If Juventus defends well, they may be able to win with a throw-in.”

Could Juve be able to return to the Scudetto race if they win?

“I do not believe. But it has an affordable schedule. However, Milan, Napoli and Inter should drop points. And it seems difficult to me “.

Dybala: right to let it go?

“Dangerous to have let him go, given that he could end up at Inter, a historic competitor. But I understand Juve, Dybala had the knife on the side of the handle. However, could you have paid Dybala less than what Rabiot and Ramsey pay? “.

It seems that the two you mentioned, along with Arthur, could be sold at the end of the season.

“I read. In my opinion Rabiot could be useful if he streamlines his game ”.

So Rabiot’s mother is right to say: “Hands off my son?”.

“Rabiot’s mother took a sizeable commission…. “. (Laughter, ed.)

Speaking of midfield: who would you see next season with Rovella and Fagioli?

“I’m not seeing Rovella. Yes, fagioli. Juve would require Jorginho, who is coming off a disappointing season.”


“Valid player. But Juve needs professional people. Watch De Lig: excellent. But these Dutch people have a craze for an advance at all costs. And when they “pierce” in defence they cause chasms. But De Ligt is good: I consider him one of the best in the world “.

After the disaster of the failure to qualify for the world championship, Gravina did not resign.

“Gravina is very political. But the responsibilities don’t lie with him alone. Certainly, they are not Mancini’s who brought out the best he could from the national team. The real problem is the lack of management of the Under 21 team, where the replacement must take place. The real problem is the too many foreign players who play in the various leagues “.

Tavecchio resigned …

“Tavecchio was unsuitable, Ventura unsuitable. Mancini is right to have stayed. Gravina should think more about Italian football and less about the Super League ”

What remains, after 16 years, of Calciopoli?

“The truth eventually emerged. You wrote that even the leaders of that Juve had faults, like everyone else. But the trials established that there was not a single match-fixing attributable to Juventus. I have never asked to “put Collina”. I have never lobbed with referees as a Facchetti court in Milan wrote “.

But you too talked to the designators …

“No one has been able to clarify why the films of the much talked about draw disappeared from the court of Naples, which were evidence of the accusation, among other things. That draw wasn’t fake. In Naples, they placed still images to support Narducci’s thesis. Juve was sent to Serie B with a penalty because this was the request of the lawyer Zaccone who defended Juventus. My opinion is that if Gianni and Umberto Agnelli, but also the lawyer Chiusano, had been alive, Juventus would not have been destroyed, as happened “.

Juventus, as you know, presented a new appeal to the TAR to have Inter remove the “cardboard” shield

“It is a battle of Andrea Agnelli. But I don’t think it will produce results ”

Antonio Giraudo turned to the Strasbourg court which agreed to discuss his appeal

“I also went to that court …”

I must have been distracted because I didn’t know

“I don’t like talking about it. I filed an appeal two years before Berlusconi did. And the court agreed to discuss my case. I am waiting to know the date of the discussion ”

The lawyer Dupont, one of the lawyers representing Giraudo advised Cobolli Gigli to appeal directly to Strasbourg …

“I am not aware of this detail”.

Is federal justice credible? Only on March 30th De Laurentiis and the Napoli team doctor were referred for having allowed the trip – on January 6th – of three players, subject to quarantine – to Turin for the match against Juventus

“In the world of football it works like this. Even the most correct and honest judge is a fan “.

Even some local health authorities do not seem exempt from typhus…

Are Messi and Ronaldo at the end of the line?

“Messi plays in a sticker team, where the strongest at the moment is Mbappè. Ronaldo is having a physical decline. His way of playing is expensive. But let’s talk about a champion who scored more than 800 goals ”

Who wins the championship?

“Milan seems to me to be on the ball …”

Who wins the Champions League?

“City plays better. But in a dry match I say Liverpool ”

Who wins the world cup?

“For me, the strongest is still France. Can I say something about the World Cup? ”


“It would have been neither in heaven nor on earth that Italy had gone to the world championship in place of Iran”

In Iran, they left 2,000 women with tickets outside the stadium, because Iranian priests want women at home to make stockings. Without, for now, Infantino has made a plisset.


“Infantino is an Inter fan “.

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