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Interview with former Juventus player Alessio Tacchinardi




He entered the club’s history with 261 appearances and 9 goals, winning nearly everything that could be won while wearing the Juventus jersey, including the Champions League and the Intercontinental Cup. Even after hanging up his boots and taking on the roles of pundit and coach, the black and white colours will always hold a special place in his heart. Alessio Tacchinardi was formally introduced to Calcio Lecco today in this very same position. Calcio Lecco is a Serie C team in group A, therefore in the near future, Tacchinardi will play against the Juve Under 23. Here is what he stated in a brief chat with Il BiancoNero.

Juve has been waiting for Angel Di Maria for a long time. Why was it so important to do it? Was it worth it?


“Yes, I think it was worth it because Juve’s policy is to go back to winning immediately, and Pogba and Di Maria are two ready, experienced, quality, charismatic players. If that is the goal, then it was right to wait for it. Having said that, we need a Di Maria eager to go to Juve, because otherwise we also need a different plan. Berardi and Zaniolo, who in my opinion are two excellent players, could also be useful.”

Do you think Allegri will be able to get the team he wants to bring Juve back to the top?

I don’t think the club is as immobile on the market as it seemed in recent days. I think Juve is sly and is evaluating many profiles. Last year she was blown away by Ronaldo, who left at the last minute, but now I think the management is working well under the radar.

Juve chose Montero for the Primavera bench. What do you think?

“I am very happy. Paolo is a very dear friend of mine. Last year I was supposed to be on that bench, but then, in the end, Bonatti remained. I know that Cherubini wanted to bring back people with that spirit, with that desire, with that black and white DNA. I am very happy for Paolo and I wish him great good luck.”

With Lecco, he will face Juve Under 23. What do you think of this project?

“Yes, I will face Juve, and I hope to beat them both! It’s a project that’s been there for years now… The idea is nice, but honestly, I thought there would be many more players able to go to the first team. Instead, those who went up did it mainly to fill in a few boxes in the rose. I was thinking of a different project. It is also true that it is early, but I see that it is working hard. Aké and Miretti went to the first team, but I was expecting some more players. Evidently, the leap from C to A is even bigger than previously thought. There is no doubt that Juve’s initiative is important, but it is also very costly.”

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