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Is Kulusevski Juve’s sacrificial lamb?




Christmas has passed and in a few days a new year will be upon us. With that, another transfer window, as the start of January marks the beginning of the winter Mercato. This brings excitement and hope for Juventini that deals could be made in this month.  Deals that could improve the club and help them secure a top four spot as they currently sit four points behind Atalanta for that coveted possession which sees all teams qualify for European competition.


Reports have suggested that loan deals could be on the horizon.  One headline that caught everyones attention, is that Juventus is possibly interested in signing the young Italian international Striker from Sassuolo, Gianluca Scamacca.  This signing would not be for a summer transfer deal, but as early as this winters up coming Mercato.



News of this may leave supporters of the Bianconeri like myself, somewhat confused, as we all know Juventus are in somewhat of a financial crisis. Raids are taking place by the Italian authorities to go over some inadequacies in Juventus’s financials. In order for a deal for such a high profile player like Scamacca to go through and as early as next month, Juventus would need a sacrificial lamb.  A player who other big clubs are interested in, that could generate enough profit to make a deal like acquiring Scamacca a reality.


Well, according to reports from Calcio Mercato, Juventus have indeed found that blood sacrifice as the website has reported that a number of teams from around Europe are interested in Juve’s 22 year old Swedish winger Dejan Kulusevski.  A player, who in his two years since joining the club that was purchased from Atalanta, has seemed to fall out of favour with his new manager Max Allegri. With the player moving agencies to Alessandro Lucci’s stable, it seems like a move to a new club for Kulusevski may actually happen if a good bid comes in between now and February 1st.

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