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‘Joyless January’ ahead for Juventus?




Despite the fact that Bianconeri fans are heavily dependant on Juve making moves in the upcoming midseason Mercato to avoid an unpleasant ending of the whole season, they might just as well end up disappointed and unsatisfied.

  • Why shouldn’t we look forward to the opening month of next year optimistically, but rather realistically?

Well, having to deal with likely jeopardized deals and incapability to offload is an indicator that we are about to witness yet another rollercoaster ride. Plus, situations around Dušan Vlahović and Dejan Kulusevski seem to be more intense than ever:


Dušan Vlahović to Juventus. A dream deal that’s tough to land.

No one can be entirely sure whether the player would like an experience abroad, a career at much stable side than what Juve currently is or lastly, a challenge. Unfortunately, a challenge to bring back a club to its original success is all that today’s Juventus can offer him. That said, we simply can’t assume, presume or debate over Vlahović. Our only choice as a fanbase is to hope that the Serbian striker is competitive or already likes it here in Serie A and wants to make a domestic upgrade, not a foreign one.

It’s evident. Juve has changed. The club differs not only in terms of playbook and win rate but in transfer policies as well. From being able to lure players to a successful side with guaranteed trophies to wanting them to rise to the challenge straight away and help bring back legacy. At the moment, Juventus can no longer thrive from the advantage of being an attraction for young talented players.

Dejan Kulusevski to end his journey with Juve?

Reports, statistics, performances and playing time. All predicting the same ‘bad’ thing for Kulu. The Swedish youngster may part ways with Juve as soon as January. Personally, offloading the player wouldn’t bring joy to me. Even though he hasn’t stepped up, I still find other players like Adrien Rabiot or Aaron Ramsey first in the line for the club to say ‘Ciao’ to.


Furthermore, I am convinced Juventus have invested both time and money to just let this player go. The situation also depends on the amount of money offered by the interested parties. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t be so happy about him shining elsewhere. It wouldn’t be the first time our marketing let someone promising go regretting it later.

To conclude about Kulusevski, although multiple sources reported meetings and interests around him, we at Max Statman are going to wait till there’s something more concrete and inform you immediately when that happens.

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