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Juve management were not impressed with Dybala gesture




With a goal and another great performance from Paulo Dybala against Udinese, you would think this would be the headline of after the Udinese game, but instead all that could be talked about was Dybala’s celebration after his goal, or lack there of I should say, as when the player scored there was no vintage ” Dybala Gladiator mask” that for Juventini has become as iconic as a Cristiano’s “Siiiuuuu”, but instead we got a death stare towards management, and a sign from the player, that he no doubt feels upset about how his contract situation has been handled thus far.

So with this latest controversy it will make more people wonder if it can truly be possible that a player who is the clubs number 10, has worn the Captains armband and also someone who coach Max Allegri has called ” the centre of the project” can really leave Juventus on a free transfer at the end of the season. I’ve made no secret online that I truly believe Juventus would be willing  to walk away from negotiations, as it’s undeniable that the recent digs by Maurizio Arrivabene have raised the temperature on this whole situation.


A new report from Tuttosport says that Juventus management were not impressed with La Joya antics last Saturday in Turin, and were said to be extremely disappointed by the gesture as Tuttosport would go on to say that:

” They were very disappointed by the selfish attitude of the number 10 and Juventus Captain, who put personal feelings ahead of the team who were in a difficult moment.”

Whatever the case may be, it’s obvious that the smoke we were seeing are now full blown flames, and for the teams sake I believe some water is needed to cool the temperature, meaning Juve and Dybala need to get back to the negotiating table and make things right before this situations becomes totally uncontrolable. Or maybe management has already made their decision and next season we will see Dybala wearing another Clubs shirt.


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