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Q&A: Juventini talking over Vlahović, De Ligt and talents




Juventus fans from Twitter, @powellyowl, @b1anconeri and @Rahulvn5, shared their insights on significant Bianconeri related themes – Dušan Vlahović’s importance, Matthijs de Ligt’s near future and the fate of Juve’s young and promising players – in an interview below.

Dušan Vlahović is a Juventus player. It has been some time since we’ve had a better chance of not having mediocre forwards only. Assuming that Dušan will deliver and is currently in form, hungry for more now finally, in black and white, he is set to change the momentum.


What are your expectations from Vlahović? How’s he going to change this season and the next, in your view?

@powellyowl: “I expect Vlahovic to win the Capocannoniere award and help Juventus gain more consistency. Too many times we have thrown away games that we should win because Kean and Morata aren’t clinical enough and I believe Vlahovic is the man to solve that problem. His transfer will also have a great effect on our chances on having a good Champions League campaign.”

@b1anconeri: “Vlahović was at the very top of my Juventus wish list and I’m delighted by the work that the club has done to make it a reality. In my opinion, Vlahović & Juventus are the perfect match. We have signed one of the very best strikers in world football. Not only that but his characteristics (professional, serious, young, talented, grinta, hunger, a winning mentality and ambition to be the best) perfectly fit in with the Juve ethos. Having said that, don’t expect him to set the world alight immediately. It may take him & the team a little time to find their rhythm and for the goals to come. Personally speaking, I will be happy with 6-8 goals, a top 4 finish & perhaps a decent run in the Champions League this season. Next season we will have to compete for Serie A although I still place Inter as the favourites due to the incredible work done by Marotta in building a winning, experienced & balanced squad.”


@Rahulvn5: “This season I expect Vlahovic to ease into Juve for a few games and then gradually deliver the goals we expect from him. For a goalscorer, it’s important to understand teammates around and in turn, them understanding his movements. This season it’s all about forming that core of partnerships centering Dusan. He will definitely offer an edge which we have lacked so far, a presence teams look out for as we go through this and next season.”

As you know, there have been rumours about Matthijs de Ligt regarding his near future with Juventus.

Do you think there is a solid chance of De Ligt leaving in the summer of 2022? How would it affect our future backline, in your opinion?


@powellyowl: “I believe De Ligt will stay with us for at least one more season. I think that he is still hungry to win and accomplish more with us and I don’t think he’d be content with what he’s achieved here if he leaves at the end of this season. Another reason I think he will stay for a minimum of one more season is because the future is looking so bright for us right now and with Chiellini coming to the end of his career, he could be the man to lead us for the coming years.”

@b1anconeri: “With Mino Raiola as an agent, every summer there is a high risk of a player leaving and that’s particularly the case for a world class talent like De Ligt. De Ligt himself has shown some discontent & frustration recently, particularly with regards to the quality of our attacking play. We can only hope that the signing of Vlahovic will convince both player & agent of the club’s ambition to return to the elite of Europe. A great second half of the season in Serie A & the Champions League may be enough to convince De Ligt to stay and even extend his contract. A mediocre few months, finishing outside the top 4 or crashing out of the Champions League early will all but guarantee his sale in the Summer.”

@Rahulvn5: “This one’s harder but it’s about how the management weighs the pros and cons. De Ligt can fetch a good price in the market. This is almost a known fact. What’s also known however is the quality of the man, who for his age is among one of the finest in the world. De ligt was signed with a view to continue the legacy of the centrebacks we have had, the future. The answer to this question: Will he leave? That’s up to management more than the player atm. How does it affect the backline? Depends on the business we do in the CB position if we sell him. It’s an open game tbh, hence harder to predict the outcome of this.”


As it stands, Juventus have several prospects available for the future. From the promising Argentine Matthias Soulè to the likes of perhaps soon to be proven fullback Luca Pellegrini or the exciting forward Moise Kean. There are further names like Rovella, Fagioli, Aké and other rising stars we can only benefit from in the upcoming seasons.

From the youngsters, who is about to make a real difference on the pitch for Juventus? Plus, who do you think is out of this ‘promising’ picture?

@powellyowl: “I think that Soule is our most talented youngster but it’s hard for him to prove himself because there is so much competition in attack so it is hard for him to get game time. Pellegrini on the other hand should be starting every game for us, Alex Sandro simply isn’t good enough anymore and Pellegrini has been consistent all season and is loved by the fans.”


@b1anconeri: “I’m always extra cautious when it comes to temptation to overhype young players as it’s very easy to let our imaginations run wild. However, we certainly have an exciting group of young players on the horizon. I’m particularly intrigued by Aké, Soulè, Fagioli, Rovella, De Winter. Allegri seems to like Aké in particular and now that Kulusevski has gone he may get a run in the first team. I’d also love to see one of Rovella and Fagioli make their mark on the club. Allegri has always been extremely cautious when it comes to implementing youngsters so it remains to be seen if or when these guys are brought it permanently. In my opinion, they won’t all make it but I expect two, possibly three of the current batch to do so with the others eventually being sold on. As for Kean & Pellegrini, I’m not yet convinced of their long term future at Juventus. Kean in particular has disappointed me and I’d be happily surprised if he ever developed into a world class striker.”

@Rahulvn5: “I think Pellegrini has played a big part in the 1st team season, showing he’s more than capable to hold his own in the position. Rovella and Fagioli have been having very good loan stints across Serie A and Serie B respectively. Ake and Soule have got space to get minutes after Chiesa’s injury. I’d say Rovella is the most ready one at the moment, a great top flight experienced player that can be integrated into the squad next season. Fagioli can be stepped up to a loan in the top flight. One of Soule or Ake needs to go on loan IMO depending on whether we are keeping or selling certain players in similar positions. I would also like to add Miretti into the list of players I would watch out for in the coming years.”

Huge thanks to my 3 friends and Juventus supporters at hearth, @powellyowl, @b1anconeri and @Rahulvn5 for dedicating their time to answer my questions. Do not forget to drop them a follow and also stay tuned for similar Q&A’s at Max Statman.