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Juventus vs Spezia: Full Match Report And Player Ratings




Juventus defeated Spezia 1-0 in the 28th round of Serie A. This victory was a fundamental result for Juventus, because, in addition to putting the club closer to 1st position, it increased the distance to Atalanta to 6 points. Looking at the game, I believe we can divide the team’s performance into two: the first half and the second half…

In the first half, Massimiliano Allegri’s team showed a good level of aggression, with Cuadrado, Morata, Vlahovic and Locatelli participating directly in practically all the team’s offensive moves. It is worth mentioning that, despite not having finished the game, Vlahovic had a good performance, created chances, left the area to open space and was decisive in the play of the goal.


In the second half, Juventus spent most of the time defending, which can be understood by the almost 10 injuries and a physically tired team. However, when you play with lower lines, you are farther away from the opponent’s goal, which is not a problem if you are able to reach the attack, and today, from the second half onwards, Juventus could barely reach the attack. , commenting on many passing errors when he was under the high pression of Spezia, who just didn’t score because of Szczesny’s great performance.  In this way, the Juventus game in the second half, ended up becoming a locked game, as the team could not get out of the back and reach the attack. Undoubtedly, technically, there is still a lot to evolve in the construction of plays in the defensive system.

Another important point of today’s game was that Locatelli performs much better as a mezzala than as a recorder. However, it is also important to say that Arthur did not have a good game, losing a lot of balls in the defensive sector, and with a great inability to be vertical and think the game forward.


Szczesny: 8

Danilo: 7,5 – De Ligt: 7.5 – Rugani: 6,5 – Pellegrini: 6

Locatelli: 9,5 – Arthur: 5 – Rabiot: 4,5

Cuadrado: 8 – Vlahovic: 7.5 – Morata: 8

Subs: Bernardeschi: 5 – Kean: 6

Massimiliano Allegri: 6

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