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Juventus and Ferrari among top valuable teams worldwide




According to a recent report by ‘Sportico’, which assessed clubs and franchises across all sports without geographical limitations, Juventus and Ferrari have emerged as two of the most valuable teams globally.

Out of the eleven football clubs listed, Juventus ranks highest at 98th place, with a value of €1.6 billion. Ferrari, on the other hand, represents Italy as the highest-ranking Italian company on the list, securing the 71st spot with a value of €2.8 billion.

The rankings encompass various sports, with a total of six sports and ten leagues represented among the top 100 teams, amounting to a combined value of €405 billion. Notably, the NFL dominates the list, with 32 franchises featuring in the top 53 positions.


Other football clubs featured in the ranking include Tottenham (70th, €2.9 billion), PSG (60th, €3.1 billion), Chelsea (58th, €3.2 billion), Arsenal (57th, €3.3 billion), Manchester City (35th, €4 billion), Bayern Munich (34th, €4.1 billion), Liverpool (29th, €4.3 billion), Barcelona (23rd, €4.5 billion), Real Madrid (19th, €4.83 billion), and Manchester United (13th, €5.5 billion).

The report also highlights the value of other sports teams, such as baseball’s Boston Red Sox (20th, €4.82 billion), football’s Real Madrid (19th, €4.83 billion), the Miami Dolphins (17th, €4.84 billion), and the Los Angeles Dodgers (17th, €4.84 billion).

The list also includes American football teams like the Houston Texans (16th, €4.9 billion), the Las Vegas Raiders (15th, €5.3 billion), the Philadelphia Eagles (13th, €5.5 billion), and the New York Jets (10th, €5.6 billion), among others.

The rankings provide insight into the financial strength and global appeal of these teams, showcasing their significance beyond the realm of sports and The valuation methodology employed by ‘Sportico’


They considered various factors, including the revenue of the organizations (for the seasons 2022-23 for most sports and 2021-22 for football), the market value of the franchise, and the value of related activities and real estate properties owned by the clubs.

This comprehensive approach provides a holistic view of each team’s economic standing, reflecting not only their on-field success but also their commercial viability and brand strength.

With Juventus and Ferrari representing Italy among the world’s most valuable teams, it underscores the country’s prominence in both football and motorsport on the global stage.

As these organizations continue to expand their reach and pursue strategic initiatives to enhance their value, they remain pivotal players in the international sports landscape, contributing to Italy’s reputation as a powerhouse in the sporting world.