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Juventus are launching hard push to bring in Vlahovic in the last days of the Mercato




If you ask any supporter of any club, or even do a survey of the management from every top club in the world, and ask the question “If you could have the choice of any young player coming up in this summer’s transfer window, who would it be?” There is no doubt that the name Dusan Vlahovic would be amongst the leading vote getters, along with of course Borussia Dortmund’s Erling Haaland, and for good reason, as just like Haaland, he has burst on to the scene and taken Europe by storm, as so far this season, he is the leading goal scorer in the Italian Serie A, at the young and tender age of only 21

From the moment Vlahovic announced he would be leaving Fiorentina at the end of the season, reports always suggested that Juventus and Arsenal were the clubs that he has been linked with the most. The reason for this is because it was initially the two clubs who were fighting for the then 16 year old Serbian who ended up choosing his current club side Fiorentina, which I suspect was because he thought it would give him the quickest opportunity to prove himself as a first team player, which is obviously a gamble that has certainly paid off, proving that good things always happen when you are willing to place a bet on yourself.


And now a new report late tonight from that says Juventus management, with only 10 days left in the window, are trying to do everything possible to bring the young Serb in and make him part of the foundation going forward. The report reads that the Bianconeri are prepared to offer cash and also one of their most valuable young talents. Which player that is, is anyones guess, but if Juve are serious about making this deal, expect to hear the name Kulusevski, also the two Nicola’s, Rovella and Fagioli. It was also reported earlier in the month that Juve and the agent of Vlahovic had a deal in place, and with this latest news from Gazzetta, it makes you wonder if this was the reason for the emotional response when Vlahovic left the pitch to a standing ovation in Fiorentina’s last match after being substituted, in a game that saw him score his 17th goal of the season, and had all around brilliant performance . Does the player know something we don’t? only time will tell, but the good news is you won’t have to wait long, as the Market closes in just under two weeks.



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