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Juventus agree to terms with Vlahovic and Fiorentina




If you ask any supporter of any club, or even do a survey of the management from every top club in the world, and ask the question “If you could have the choice of any young player coming up in this summer’s transfer window, who would it be?” There is no doubt that the name Dusan Vlahovic would be amongst the leading vote getters, along with of course Borussia Dortmund’s Erling Haaland, and for good reason, as just like Haaland, he has burst on to the scene and taken Europe by storm, as so far this season, he is the leading goal scorer in the Italian Serie A, at the young and tender age of only 21 Yesterday in an exclusive interview with our lead analyst Jurre van Wanrooij, Nico Schira had told our website that Juve had made on official offer to Vlahovic when he said:

“Juventus has been the first club to ask info for Vlahovic in October, as I anticipated as first. They offered the striker a contract of €6M per year, plus €1M bonus in the next years. His salary will increase year by year. He could stay in Florence this January, because Fiorentina ask €70M in cash. Only Arsenal have offered this price, but Vlahovic has turned down the Gunners’ bid. In the summer, the price will be less than the actual one, because he won’t renew the contract with la Viola. Juventus will be ready to buy him.”

Well, it appears the player and Juventus have maybe agreed to those terms, as tonight the ever reliable Romeo Agresti is reporting that Juventus are now ready to sit down with Fiorentina and make their first official bid for the player. If true, this could see Juventus lock up a player who will help them score more goals which has been a problem for the club of late, as they try and secure Champions League qualification for next season.



And now a late update from Michele Criscitiello from Sports Italia who tonight put out a bombshell report that there’s agreements between Juventus and Fiorentina for Vlahovic for a fee around €67M plus bonuses. Coronavirus permitting, medicals between Thursday and Friday. For more on this rabidly developing situation stick with @maxstatman on twitter and off course