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Juventus explores market strategies in recent meeting




In recent days, Juventus engaged in a meeting with representatives from YouFirst, a prominent Spanagency in the international football scene.

The purpose of the encounter was to discuss potential strategies for the upcoming transfer market, according to Daniele Longo.


During the meeting, Giuntoli, a key figure for Juventus, sought information on various players, with a particular emphasis on Fabian Ruiz.

Notably, Giuntoli had brought Ruiz to Italy during his time at Napoli, signing him from Betis Sevilla. Juventus aims to reshape its squad in the market and has expressed interest in Fabian Ruiz.

However, the likelihood of success seems limited at present due to Ruiz’s high salary, exceeding the parameters set by Juventus (6 million euros).

Additionally, understanding Paris Saint-Germain’s intentions is crucial. Despite limited playing time, Ruiz remains an essential player for the French club.

PSG’s management appears hesitant to entertain a loan deal, but discussions may resume later.

In the meantime, Giuntoli is exploring opportunities in the Premier League. Partey and Phillips emerge as top targets to reinforce the midfield in the upcoming transfer window.