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Juventus faces tough choices ahead of Inter clash




With the highly anticipated clash between Inter and Juventus at San Siro just around the corner this Sunday at 20:45, coach Massimiliano Allegri finds himself in a quandary over his starting lineup.

according to  IlBianconero. The return of Adrien Rabiot, bouncing back from recent calf muscle issues, adds depth to the midfield alongside the formidable duo of Locatelli and Mckennie.

The crux of Allegri’s dilemma lies in the attacking front, particularly in choosing Dusan Vlahovic’s strike partner.


Federico Chiesa, a long-time target for Inter, has been actively training with the team, overcoming knee problems and aiming for peak fitness.

This positive development presents Allegri with a potential game-changer, forcing him to carefully weigh the options between Chiesa and the promising Kenan Yildiz.

Chiesa, the Italian forward with a penchant for finding the net, has long been on Inter’s radar, His return to training raises hopes for Juventus as they seek to bolster their attacking prowess.

However, Allegri’s decision is complicated by the impressive form of Kenan Yildiz, the talented Turkish striker born in 2005, consistently showcasing his goal-scoring prowess.


The unfolding narrative sets the stage for a captivating battle for the starting spot alongside Vlahovic, with Chiesa and Yildiz each vying for the coveted role.

While the Turkish prodigy currently holds a slight advantage, Allegri remains observant of the fluidity of the situation.

The next few days leading up to the Sunday clash will be pivotal for Allegri to carefully evaluate the fitness, form, and overall impact potential of both Chiesa and Yildiz.

The decision-making process extends beyond individual talent, considering team dynamics, tactical considerations, and recent performances that will influence Allegri’s choice for the crucial encounter at San Siro.


As Juventus and Inter fans eagerly await the outcome of this strategic decision, the looming clash promises not only a battle on the field but also a tactical chess match on the sidelines.

Allegri’s quest for the optimal combination reflects the high stakes in the Serie A race, making this fixture a must-watch for football enthusiasts.