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Juventus goalkeeper Szczesny breaks down key match against Inter Milan




In an interview with TNT Sports via (ilbianconero), Wojciech Szczesny, the goalkeeper for Juventus, shared his thoughts on the upcoming match against Inter Milan and various aspects of the current football season.

Key Points:

  1. Match Importance: Szczesny emphasized the significance of the upcoming match against Inter Milan for the league standings. However, he noted that there are still many games left to determine the Serie A champion.
  2. Assessment of Inter Milan: While acknowledging Inter’s strength, Szczesny refrained from saying that they have an edge over Juventus. He praised Inter’s maturity in balancing goal-scoring with defensive solidity.
  3. Strengths of Juventus: Szczesny highlighted Juventus’ strengths, including their ability to navigate tough moments without conceding goals, the quality of individual players, and the strategic acumen of coach Massimiliano Allegri.
  4. Allegri’s Tactical Prowess: The goalkeeper commended Allegri for his adeptness in making effective substitutions and ensuring that even bench players feel valued. Szczesny credited Allegri’s ability to read and influence matches during crucial moments.
  5. Calhanoglu and Penalty Kicks: Szczesny discussed Hakan Calhanoglu’s prowess in penalty kicks, describing him as a formidable player whose shots are challenging to stop. He mentioned studying both Calhanoglu and Lautaro Martínez, acknowledging their proficiency in penalty situations.
  6. Increasing Number of Penalties: Regarding the rising number of penalties in modern football, Szczesny attributed it to the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system. He accepted this trend as a natural outcome of increased scrutiny and technology, adding that Juventus has not conceded any penalties this season.

As the highly anticipated clash approaches, Szczesny’s insights offer a glimpse into Juventus’ mindset and strategic approach. Fans eagerly await the outcome of this crucial fixture between two Serie A giants.