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Juventus have sacked its entire board, So what comes next?




Decisive hours for the future of Juventus as according to what is reported by, the Board of Directors of the Juventus FC has met in these minutes . At the end of the Council, we read, all the members handed in their resignations. These also include the president, Andrea Agnelli and the vice president, Pavel Nedved as well as the managing director, Maurizio Arrivabene. An official statement from the club is expected shortly.

If you recall a few days ago there was the second postponement of the Shareholders’ Meeting, initially scheduled for 23 of October and then delayed twice until 27 of December. So the question is what happened and what’s going to happen next?


There is no doubt even with the recent success of the club that Juventus are now in crisis and will be scrambling to put the pieces back together before the end of the world cup break, but for this to happen so suddenly, and for the entire board to get sack, one can only speculate a lot of corruption in cooking the Juventus books had gone way to far.

So what’s next? well your guess is good as mine, but one things is for sure, the club has lost big time credibilty with the football world and even it’s fan base, and in order to restore the credibly, the hiring of the next President is crucial, and one thing Juventus should consider to win over this fan base is installing a club legend, could that man be Del Piero only time will tell?

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