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Juventus press conference with Allegri on the match against Atalanta, punishmens plus more

Max Statman



Massimiliano Allegri’s pre-Atalanta long press conference:

JUVE-ATALANTA – “What do I say to the fans? Tomorrow is important, you have to close the first leg in the best way. It is special, after yesterday we need to get more back together. Working with a low profile, that’s why we are here, I with the staff and the players just have to think about the field “.

WHAT CHANGE – “Nothing changes, tomorrow is difficult, Atalanta is in excellent physical shape. We play at home, tomorrow is to be tackled in the best way, to be won. Given the ranking, it would allow us to be able to hook seventh place and we must make seventh place. Then we have the Europa League, the Italian Cup. We must continue to work, keep the profile low, try to do the best possible.”


HOW IT IS BREAKED – “We must not start again, the events concern society. There will be an appeal, as lawyers have communicated. Let’s think about the field. The ranking is a fact for the moment: we have 22 points and we must try to win tomorrow to reach 25, turn to 25. Face the return group trying to get the most out of it to climb positions.”

PRESUPPOSALS – “Pushed to play lightly? Juve is never played lightly, it is played because we have the pressure to win. We must continue to do our job in the best way. We need to recover players who are recovering. Pogba and Vlahovic return with Monza, they should be available. Tomorrow we will have Cuadrado. Until now, before yesterday’s sentence, Juve had 37 points, 1 point from second place, with all the possibilities to play a place in the Champions League and maybe the championship. We must continue to do our homework, the final sentence will be in two months. And you don’t have to be found in two months with regrets because we didn’t do what we had to do. We need to compact more with the fans, it will have to be a beautiful and special evening. We spent a month ago with the resignation of the President, the ribaltone of the Board of Directors… This is a big unexpected. From these unexpected events and from these situations, individually we emerge strengthened, with all the serenity of the case. And above all with the commitment and the desire and determination to do a very important thing. Win games on the field. One step at a time, climb. We look for seventh place, then we see.”

WITH THE COMPANY – “I talked to the CEO about what happened yesterday. Today at 2.30 pm there will be President Ferrero with the CEO who will speak to the team. Then all we have to do is do training, prepare the game and play with Atalanta tomorrow. We can’t do anything else.”

RABIOT – “Rabiot made a differentiated yesterday but it should be fine.”


REACTIONS – “What prevails in the team? Fact. Momentary, but factual. All the situations that happen, I have been taught this way, must be transformed into opportunities. This is the opportunity to make a season to the fullest, then we will see how it will go. We can’t say where we got on June 5th, we have the Europa League, the Italian Cup. We have 60 points available in the league.”

WHAT WILL THE TEAM SAY – “There is not so many words to invent, I don’t like talking very much, the team knows very well what to do, for us nothing has changed, absolutely. You have to have an inner strength and re-drop into the ranking. First goal: turn the first leg 25 points. Then we see the return.”

FUTURE – “I am the Juve coach and I will remain the Juve coach unless they send me away. At certain times we must be responsible for where we are and what we do. In times of difficulty you have to be good, men, in taking on responsibilities. When all things are going well, we are all good. In difficulties it is more stimulating for me and must concern everyone. The ranking now tells us that we are 12 from fourth place. Quite right? Tomorrow we have Atalanta, a direct confrontation, we try to face it in the best way. We have young players… 5 boys from the youth sector played, it means that in previous years an excellent job was done, you have to go in that direction, the Italian championship tells you that. Just look at the proportion between the Italian turnover championship of the 20 teams and the comparison with England. The ratio is 1 to 4.”

PERCEPTION OF JUDGMENT – “I am unable to say about the seriousness of the situation, one thing that is certain is that yesterday’s sentence must be accepted. I repeat: the company, with the lawyers, have already made the statement. In the sports-field part it doesn’t have to concern us with this thing, you need to do your best on the field, compared to what we had to do even before the sentence. Be silent, very low profile, and take this challenge starting from 22 points. It is a fact, we must try to do our best. The boys, I am convinced, will do everything to get the most out of it and do something extraordinary. In football you never know.”


TRAINER ROLE – “With Cherubini out? Each of us has our own responsibility, I am personally sorry for Cherubini, Agnelli, Arrivabene, Garimberti, Nedved. There is also the human aspect in addition to the professional one “.

JUVE SINGLE SENTENCED – “When the sentence occurred, I was informed of the request on the 9 points, I made the calculation to get to the Champions League. At 15 points I redone another calculation. Points that would serve to enter the Champions League. The average Champions is the one there, to get there you need to do something extraordinary ”


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