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Juventus press conference with Allegri on the match against Napoli, injuries, and more

Max Statman



Massimiliano Allegri has spoken to the press conference ahead Juventus’s clash against Napoli.

Juventus will face Napoli on Friday in a title-race decider match, where there are only seven points gap between to teams, with Napoli on top of the table, and Juventus as second.


On Napoli: “How is the team? The team is fine, quite well, we did 3 days of work before the game and we are in good condition, we will see what we can do.”

On Danilo: “He’s doing well, like everyone else. The attitude has changed, and we must continue on this path.”

On injuries: “The returns should be imminent. Before Monza it is unlikely that someone will return for the Coppa Italia match, maybe with Atalanta someone should be available. Cuadrado can go with the team from Tuesday, and maybe he can be the only one with Monza available. I have to see, he hasn’t done a training session with the team yet. The others are better off and we are confident.”

On Chiesa: “Federico is much better, I am very happy. If I were sure that tomorrow, with the game in progress, he can make the difference, I would make him enter the game in progress … I don’t have the magic ball. I will evaluate the moment, then I will decide.”

On lost points: “With Salernitana? Now those points are gone, useless to think there. Let’s think forward, to what has been done so far. Good, important results, but tomorrow is another game. In football there is a rule: what you do, the next day no longer counts. We need to work, low profile and continue the growth path. Especially as a team, where you have to improve many things, as individuals, then you have to get to the final goal. For Juventus, in the league, it is to arrive in the top four places. We need to think about what we need to do tomorrow.

“My interventions? My staff and my staff do not, the team grows and it means that we are physically well. Tomorrow will be a completely different game. In Naples the games never end, they are difficult and we face a very strong team technically, well organized and well trained

“On Kvara? The opponents have not put us in difficulty, we have not prepared anything yet and we will try to fix two or three things. Tomorrow will be a beautiful game, an evening of sport and football, in a packed stadium, the match will not be decisive for the championship.

“It’s not a crash test, it’s a league game. Within the championship, we come from important results, Napoli has 44 points and can turn to 50. So, I think tomorrow is not a decisive game, but very important for them.”

Enthusiasm: “I said it before Cremona, we started again after a two-month break and it’s as if a new championship was starting again. The games are a bit strange, and we have to be good at playing them, the guys were good.

W “You have to play a game with great technique, with great intensity. It is a direct clash, playing at the home of the strongest team in the league. The ranking says so. Nice challenge to play. You have to be good, with enthusiasm, to play a game.”

“What I fear about Napoli? I don’t say that it’s the strongest team. The standings say they scored 44 points and lost a game. It is normal that they are the favorites of the championship. They are strong technically, well trained… Luciano is the best at training and teaching, he is proving it in Naples, he did it in Rome and Milan. We need to play a good game, two months ago nobody believed that Juve could get to this game in these conditions. Let’s keep a low profile, think about working and achieving the final goal.”

On Spaletti: “I have great respect for Spalletti, he is so funny and funny that sometimes we fight like last year. I’m not a coach? Yes, but it’s true, I do this job by mistake, I had to do another stuff. Luciano is very, very good. Tomorrow facing him is always a good challenge, he is the best at training and teaching. More decisive for them? Because it’s much more important to them than to us.”


On Agnelli: What does this experience leave? There is little to say about the president, the results and the work done in 12 years, since 2010 he has been the president of Juve, speak for him. I personally thank him because he gave me the opportunity to coach Juventus, to be close to me and to work with him for many years.”


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