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Juventus seeks to up the ante in Scudetto chase, Tacchinardi points to Allegri’s mastery




In a recent exclusive interview with Gazzetta dello Sport, former Juventus midfield maestro, Alessio Tacchinardi, delved into the intricacies of the ongoing Serie A title race and how Juventus aims to turn the tide against Inter Milan.

Here is an expanded overview of Tacchinardi’s insightful remarks.

Amidst the pulsating Serie A race for supremacy, Alessio Tacchinardi, the seasoned Juventus veteran, has cast an optimistic gaze on his former team’s prospects.


He contends that the upcoming week could be a watershed moment in the quest for the coveted Scudetto.

Tacchinardi firmly believes that should Juventus clinch a triumph against Empoli, it would exert substantial pressure on Inter Milan.

The ramifications of this could be profound, especially considering Inter’s imminent clash with Fiorentina, a squad hungry for redemption following a challenging commencement to 2024.

The ex-Juve player places paramount importance on the psychological undercurrents of this high-stakes competition.


Tacchinardi underscores that the pressure emanating from Juventus could serve as a catalyst, potentially influencing Inter Milan’s performance.

Navigating this pressure successfully, he asserts, will require a display of maturity and resilience from the Nerazzurri.

A focal point in Tacchinardi’s analysis is Juventus’ astute coach, Max Allegri, whom he lauds as a linchpin in the Scudetto race.

Allegri’s exceptional adeptness in managing pressure earns him the descriptor of a standout figure when vying for championship glory.


Tacchinardi contends that Allegri’s seasoned presence could indeed be the differentiator, offering Juventus a distinct edge in the title race.

Turning his attention to the dynamic Serbian striker, Dusan Vlahovic, Tacchinardi notes a transformative journey for the player.

Vlahovic, he observes, has not only experienced an uplift in physical form but also undergone a mental metamorphosis.

Playing with a dual purpose—both to score and to secure victories—Vlahovic has become a more composed and assured presence on the pitch.


However, Tacchinardi remains cautious about Vlahovic surpassing the current top scorer, Lautaro Martinez, who continues to dazzle with his stellar form.

In summation, Tacchinardi’s comprehensive insights shed light on the potential seismic impact of Juventus’ performance on the Serie A title race.

With Max Allegri at the helm and players like Vlahovic elevating their game, the former midfield maestro envisions Juventus as a formidable force with the capacity to shape the destiny of the Scudetto.