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Juventus’ winning streak and Allegri’s quest for consistency




Juventus continues to impress, securing a remarkable five consecutive victories, positioning themselves just two points behind league leaders Inter.

With an extended lead over other contenders, they stand six points clear of Milan, eight ahead of Napoli, and a notable nine points ahead of the fifth-placed Fiorentina and Atalanta. The gap widens further from Roma and Lazio.


Head coach Allegri expressed his philosophy on winning championships, likening it to cruising, advocating against sporadic peaks and dips in performance.

However, the team seems to be enjoying their “peak” of top performance, contrary to Allegri’s advice.

Nevertheless, Allegri seems content with their exceptional form, emphasizing the need for consistency after any potential stumble, reinforcing the importance of continuity in their journey towards victory.

The team’s current pace, accruing 29 points in 12 matches with an average of nearly 2.5 points per game, reflects a title-winning rhythm.

To find a similar streak of consecutive successes, one must revisit the stretch between late October and January of the previous season, notably during the break for the World Cup, when Juventus secured eight consecutive wins.

This exceptional streak was halted by a setback against Napoli at the Maradona Stadium, a situation Allegri hopes to avoid in the upcoming clash against Inter. Comparisons can be drawn between this season’s momentum and that of the previous year.

In both cases, the winning streak began with the Torino derby, with hard-fought victories, even in the final minutes. Notably, victories against challenging opponents like Milan and Fiorentina echo last year’s triumphs over Inter and Lazio.

While similarities exist, differences are apparent as well. The timeline of this season’s golden phase contrasts with the previous one. Last season’s peak commenced at the 10th matchday, after Juventus had already dropped numerous points.

In contrast, this year’s streak began at the eighth matchday, with the team performing better in the earlier fixtures compared to the previous season.

Moreover, victories against stronger opponents have predominantly occurred away, a significant divergence. Notably, in seemingly easier fixtures, despite initial struggles, the team showcased greater superiority and a clearer team identity.

However, a consistent factor in both scenarios remains the defensive solidity. During the eight consecutive wins in the past, Juventus didn’t concede a single goal.

Presently, they’ve only conceded one, ultimately inconsequential. Considering the 5-1 defeat to Napoli, perhaps this is a reassuring trend, at least for those who believe in the law of large numbers, ahead of the clash against Inter.