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Juventus’ Youth revolution: Contract renewals shape the future

Max Statman



Today has been a day filled with contract renewal announcements for our Under 19 squad at Juventus.

Players Jakub Vinarcik, Ivano Srdoc, Saverio Domanico, Andriy Firman, Francesco Crapisto, and Diego Pugno have extended their contracts with the Bianconeri.

What makes these renewals even more special is that, for the last four young talents, it marks their first professional contracts, and the opportunity has been provided by Juventus themselves.

Here’s a look at the contract renewal details and expiration dates:

  • Jakub Vinarcik until 2026
  • Ivano Srdoc until 2027
  • Saverio Domanico until 2025
  • Andriy Firman until 2025
  • Francesco Crapisto until 2026
  • Diego Pugno until 2026

These young players, Jakub Vinarcik, Ivano Srdoc, Saverio Domanico, Andriy Firman, Francesco Crapisto, and Diego Pugno, have proven their worth and potential, and Juventus has decided to bet on their talent, offering them the chance to make the leap into professional football.

These renewals represent a significant step in their careers and a commitment from the club to develop youth talent.

Another noteworthy name is Alfonso Montero, a talented defender and a football legacy, who has signed his first professional contract with Juventus Under 17, lasting until 2026.

Young Montero is the son of the current coach of Juventus’ Under 19 team, adding an extra layer of significance to this signing, showcasing a familial connection in the football world.

These contract renewals are a tangible sign of Juventus’ approach to building its future.

Investing in young talent is a long-term strategy that can yield immense benefits for the club.

With these new contracts, Juventus has underscored its commitment to creating a solid foundation for future success, continuing to nurture young and promising talent.

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Juventus Youth

A tale of two halves: Juventus U19 vs. Empoli U19 – match report




The third league match of the season for Montero’s Under 19 team brought an exciting clash with Empoli, resulting in a 2-3 scoreline in favor of the latter.

What made this match particularly intriguing was the age difference on display. Empoli fielded six players born in 2004 from the first minute, while Juventus had an entire squad composed of 2005 and 2006 birth years.

This age gap became evident, especially in the first half, and was compounded by defensive struggles, primarily by Vinarcik, who was culpable for two of Empoli’s three goals.

At halftime, the score stood at 1-3 in favor of Empoli, with Anghelè narrowing the gap by converting a penalty, won by Pagnucco, in injury time.

The second half showcased a completely different Juventus. The team began to assert itself, showing the determination and spirit that had been lacking in the first half.

Two substitutions at halftime, Vacca and Florea, injected new life into the squad. In the 51st minute, Anghelè won another penalty, which Vacca calmly converted.

Despite maintaining control of the game, Juventus couldn’t find the equalizer, coming close in the 90th minute but ultimately falling short.

This match was a tale of two halves, where the young players redeemed themselves after a lackluster first half. Such matches serve as valuable learning experiences for these youngsters, crucial for their growth and development.

Overall, the second half performance left much to be proud of. The team deserved a draw, but sometimes, results don’t reflect the effort put in.

Juventus U19 player ratings: Vinarcik (5); Martinez (5.5), Domanico (5), Gil Puche (5), Turco (6), Ripani (5.5), Owusu (5.5), Pagnucco (6); Srdoc (5), Scienza (5); Anghelè (6).

Best Performers: Florea and Vacca
Least Impressive: Vinarcik and Domanico

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Huijsen named in Juventus Next Gen squad to face Rimini

Max Statman



The anticipation is building as the squad for tonight’s Juventus Next Gen match against Rimini at 20:45 is announced.

Dean Huijsen has been said to jump into the Juventus first team but has found himself back in the Next Gen squad for the second consecutive time.

Moreover, Nonge, who was rumored to step up to the first team following Paul Pogba’s positive doping test.

The speculation was that Nonge, with his impressive performances for the Next Gen team, would be the natural choice to fill Pogba’s shoes. However, despite expectations, Nonge remains with the Next Gen squad.

This decision by the Juventus coaching staff sheds light on their commitment to nurturing young talent rather than rushing them into high-pressure situations.

The Next Gen squad for the match is brimming with potential. Players like Cerri, Mbangula, and Guerra are also making waves in the youth ranks and are eagerly watched for their future contributions to the senior team.

Here is the full list of players called up:

Goalkeepers: Daffara, Scaglia, Fuscaldo

Defenders: Huijsen, Muharemovic, Poli, Mulazzi, Rouhi, Turicchia, Citi, Valdesi, Stivanello

Midfielders: Hasa, Nonge, Maressa, Doratiotto, Comenencia, Damiani, Salifou

Forwards: Cerri, Mbangula, Guerra, Mancini

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Huijsen and Yildiz promoted to Juventus first team

Max Statman



Juventus has decided the integration of Dean Huijsen and Kenan Yildiz into their first team for the upcoming season.

Both players, born in 2005, are set to have substantial opportunities to not only appear in official matches but also to further solidify their skills through the Next Gen second squad.

The decision stems from a comprehensive strategy developed within the club’s technical department, focusing on providing the best possible growth trajectory for the two promising players.

By maintaining a strong connection with the Next Gen squad, the Dutch defender Huijsen and Turkish striker Yildiz will experience an innovative approach to their development—a hybrid year that allows them to immerse themselves in the world of professional football while also accumulating valuable match minutes.

This approach draws parallels to a similar scenario that unfolded two years prior when the young talents, Miretti and Soulé, both born in 2003, were promoted to the first team.

However, the distinction lies in the fact that Huijsen and Yildiz’s promotion emphasizes a high level of playing time in official matches. While training under the guidance of Massimiliano Allegri at the Continassa, the two players will actively participate in Next Gen’s official matches.

This unique blend of experiences affords them numerous opportunities to secure spots in the first team lineup and, when needed, make appearances in crucial matches—an intelligently calibrated launch into the world of professional football, streamlining their growth.

The strategic promotion of Huijsen serves as a testament to Juventus’ belief in his potential as a central defender.

The club’s choice to loan out De Winter (with an obligatory buy-back clause to Genoa for €8 million plus €2 million in bonuses) underscores their commitment to nurturing the Dutch player, who has already gained valuable experience with the first team in the previous season.

Additionally, Allegri expresses a keen interest in Yildiz’s capabilities, though his exact role within the team is yet to be fully defined. The young player has begun to excel in the role of a mezzala (central midfielder) within the second squad.

This has prompted discussions regarding the potential loan of Miretti, which would allow him to secure consistent playing time as a starter elsewhere and potentially return to Juventus in the future, thereby creating room for Yildiz’s occasional appearances during the season.

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