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Kenan Yildiz shines for Juventus: contract talks and crucial role take center stage




Amidst Federico Chiesa’s absence due to ongoing knee issues, all eyes are on Kenan Yildiz, who has emerged as a vital player for Juventus.

Set to start once again in the upcoming match against Empoli, Yildiz has firmly secured his spot as the team’s second striker since his standout performance against Frosinone.

While Chiesa takes the necessary time for his recovery, Yildiz has become an indispensable force for Juventus.


According to Ilbianconero, his consistent contributions have played a pivotal role in the team’s quest for the league title, showcasing his skill and determination in the absence of Chiesa.

The credit for the team’s continued success without Chiesa undoubtedly goes to Yildiz. He has showcased resilience and prowess in the second striker role, a position he seems determined to hold until Chiesa is back in full form.

Kenan Yildiz, often referred to as the Turkish gem, has attracted interest from European giants like Liverpool and Barcelona. However, Juventus remains steadfast, viewing Yildiz as the linchpin around which the club intends to build its future.

Despite tempting offers, the club is unwilling to part ways with this burgeoning talent.


As talks about Yildiz’s contract unfold, there is anticipation regarding a potential renewal.

The current agreement, signed at the beginning of the season, is seen as a temporary measure. The upcoming contract is expected to extend until June 30, 2029, demonstrating the club’s commitment to securing Yildiz’s presence in the long run.

An impressive increase in remuneration, surpassing the one-million net per season mark, along with performance-based incentives, highlights Juventus’ eagerness to reward and retain their rising star.

The future looks promising for Yildiz at Juventus, with the club actively investing in his growth and impact.


As negotiations progress, it appears increasingly likely that Yildiz will not only continue to be a mainstay in the squad but will also play a pivotal role in shaping the club’s aspirations for success in the coming years.