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Koni De Winter said how it feels to face his parent club

Max Statman



Juventus’s defender Koni De Winter who’s currently on loan to Empoli said that it’s always nice to play against your team that sent you on loan ahead of Juventus’s match against Empoli on Friday.

“It’s always nice to play against your … not former team … your team that sends you on loan,” said Koni De Winter.


“It’s a very important game and I want to do well. When the fixtures released, one of the first things I did was to check when we would play against Juventus.”

About how he feel to play in Serie A: “I feel good. I changed team and level, higher than the Serie C made with Juventus Under 23, but I feel good.

“In these last matches I have gained confidence, I feel at ease on the pitch. It’s the perfect moment for this match. Empoli tenth, surprised? No.

“During the preparation I realized that we are a strong group, however, didn’t know the level of Serie A and therefore I couldn’t make comparisons, but I knew that we are strong.”

About the match: “We will have to give everything and play for it, trying to win. For sure it will take a lot of personality.

“On a tactical level, the coach will help us by telling us what we have to do, we will just have to follow his instructions. What does Zanetti ask for? Everything. And it does so by giving me the possibility to make mistakes, also growing through mistakes.”

About playing against Vlahovic: “Dusan is strong in everything. But I think I’m strong too, so it will be a good challenge for me. Who to fear? Mmh … The first that comes to mind is Rabiot: if you give him space to leave ball and chain, with his progression he can skip the pressure.”

About Paul Pogba: “Better, I met him because he arrived on my last day in Turin before moving here to Empoli. I greeted him and I also showed him the photo I took with him in the center of Turin, when as a child [I was on vacation with my mom]. I still hope to greet him again at the Stadium tomorrow evening.”


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