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Latest updates on Cuadrado, Alex Sandro, Di Maria, Paredes, McKennie and Rabiot future

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Juventus are planning to make changes in the summer, but let’s take a look onto Adrien Rabiot, Juan Cuadrado, Alex Sandro, Weston Mckennie, Angel Di Maria and Leandro Paredes’s situation.

Alex Sandro and Cuadrado: they will leave

Juan Cuadrado and Alex Sandro’s contracts will expire in the summer, and Juventus has no intention of extending their contracts. There are no ongoing negotiations for a contract extension.


The two are some of Juventus’ longest-serving players, having helped them win various trophies over the years, but their era is coming to an end.

Di Maria’s future is now uncertain, while Paredes unlikely to stay

Angel Di Maria came to Juventus in the summer and signed a one-year contract, it is expected that he can leave the club in the summer when this one year is over.

The 33-year-old who helped Argentina to win the World Cup last month is yet to decide his future at the Allianz Stadium.


For Leandro Paredes, Juventus does not have plans to activate the option to buy him, so he is expected to return to Paris Saint-Germain in the summer.

Juventus doesn’t intend to give Rabiot a €10m salary, while McKennie could leave

Adrien Rabiot’s mother Veronique made it clear that she wants a €10m a season salary for his son to extend his contract with Juventus, a salary Juventus doesn’t intend to meet.

Adrien Rabiot has had a great year, having been impressive in both Serie A and the recent World Cup as his contract in Qatar expires in the summer.


Allegri wants to keep Rabiot, even Juventus will try to convince him to renew his contract but there is no plan to give him a €10 million salary.

For Weston Mckennie, Juventus are ready put him on the market in order to get money which will help them to try to buy other players this January. Juventus are said to want €40 million to let him go, while Bournemouth are the club said to be interested in him.


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