Leandro Paredes and what Juve need to do to make this deal happen


Juve gets a midfield overhaul, or at least tries. Pogba’s arrival was the first hit, but it was far from the last, as Allegri still lacks a director. And, if the Octopus is to be the fixed point, along with Locatelli, a fresh alternative is required, potentially with directing qualities, in order to be able to liberate the Italian if necessary and play an extra card where a true interpreter of the part is needed. And it is there that Juve is attempting, so far unsuccessfully, to get rid of Arthur.

The appropriate name is Leandro Paredes, a great friend of Angel Di Maria, who could and would want to reform the pair of Paris Saint Germain in Turin, but it is required before Juve succeeds in trying to thin out the department, giving in to others who do not it is more part of the scheme.

The first on the list is Ramsey, with whom he is negotiating severance pay (he wants 4 million), followed by Arthur, who is already injured with an ankle problem that will prevent him from travelling to the United States. It weighs more than 47 million on the balance sheet and is difficult to sell. Rabiot, Zakaria, and McKennie, on the other hand, are in the red but still marketable in the event of a significant proposal. When Paredes requests space, Juve tries, but with difficulty.


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