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Locatelli talks win against Lecce, Scudetto dreams, Vlahovic reborn, upcoming matches and more




Manuel Locatelli, in an interview with Rai Sports vi ilbianconerocom, shared his thoughts on Juventus’ recent victory and the positive developments in the team, particularly focusing on Dusan Vlahovic.

Locatelli acknowledged the significance of the win against Lecce, stating, “It’s temporary, but the victory in Lecce is important because it came on a challenging field. It’s never easy here because they are a tough team that concedes few goals. We played a very intelligent and mature game, remained calm, managed the game well, and then found three crucial goals.”

Expressing a belief in the team’s growth, Locatelli pointed out, “Yes, absolutely. I think we have grown in awareness, have more knowledge of our abilities, and have improved a lot in this, allowing us to manage the game better. This is a significant step.”


Locatelli encouraged dreaming big and pursuing extraordinary achievements, stating, “Yes, of course, I believe we must dream. To achieve our dreams, we must do extraordinary things and build on the team spirit we have. This is undoubtedly our strength that we must carry until the end.”

Discussing Dusan Vlahovic, Locatelli praised his focus, tranquility, and growing influence, saying, “He is doing very well because he is very focused, manages to be calmer, is a great player, and is becoming decisive for us. However, our other attackers, such as Yildiz, Milik, and Moise, are also doing well. The teamwork rewards the efforts of the attackers, and I am very happy for them.”

Looking ahead to the upcoming matches, particularly the one against Inter, Locatelli emphasized the need to approach each game with focus and determination, stating, “They must be played and brought home. It will be a very important match, but we have another one before that, and we must focus on that.”

Addressing the perpetual pressure associated with playing for Juventus, Locatelli emphasized, “When you play for Juventus, there is always pressure. However, this does not affect us and should not affect us. What we are doing is a growth process, and we must continue like this.”