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Matias Soulé talks life at Frosinone, decision to join Juventus, career ambitions and more




In an interview with Sportweek, Matias Soulé spoke candidly about his dedication to Frosinone and the exhilarating moment when he made the decision to join Juventus.

“I only think about Frosinone. It might sound simple, but I’m sincere! I feel great in Frosinone; the city is fantastic, tranquil, perfect for me and my family. The fans are spirited, thankfully! They make their presence felt both at home and away, reminding me of Argentine stadiums,” Soulé expressed.


Describing the unexpected decision to join Juventus, he recounted, “It was incredible, like it happened this morning. I was at a barbecue with my father and my agent when they revealed the European teams interested in me. They said, ‘Take your time, choose carefully.’ After 10 minutes, I said, ‘I choose Juventus.'”

Explaining why Juventus was his choice, Soulé said, “It was the most beautiful and challenging challenge, even though it wasn’t the club offering the most money. I knew it wouldn’t be easy to break into the first team at such a big club, but I’m competitive and ambitious, always aiming for the highest.”

Addressing rumors about gambling involvement, Soulé dismissed them firmly, stating, “Fortunately, I’ve never had that vice, and certainly won’t.”

Regarding the Serie A title race, he predicted, “It’s early, but I imagine it will be a battle between Inter and Juventus. They are the strongest.”

Reflecting on his experience in the first team, Soulé shared, “I’ve learned a lot. Especially last year, when I moved up to the first team. Even though I didn’t play much, I discovered fundamental things that will stay with me forever. I had champions as teammates, and every training session was a football lesson.”

Speaking about his friendship with Angel Di Maria, he mentioned, “Fideo is a great mentor. We’re very good friends; he always messages me. Before I started scoring, he used to send messages like, ‘When are you going to wake up and start scoring?’ Well, it worked… We also talked about the decision to aim to play for Argentina.”

On choosing his national team, Soulé said, “I’m Argentine; my heart is Argentine, and playing for my national team is a dream. Spalletti called me, then came to Frosinone, and I simply told him that I feel Argentine and want to wait for Argentina. It’s not guaranteed they’ll call me, but it’s another one of those challenging challenges that stimulate me.”

Looking ahead to the future, Soulé shared his ambitious dreams: “Winning a World Cup. And the Champions League. I’ve told you, I aim for the highest.”