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Maurizio Arrivabene’ full interview on Juventus’ decision not to renew Dybala




Juventus CEO and former Scuderia Ferrari president Maurizio Arrivabene has spoken about Paulo Dybala at a charity event in Milan. During the event, organized by Allessando Moggi, he talked about why Dybala is leaving the club and how Monday’s negotiations went.


On what has changed in the negotiations with Paulo Dybala:


“The most important thing that has changed is what you talked about today. Juventus did not renew with Dybala: this is the change that has taken place from October to today. With the arrival of Vlahovic, the technical evaluation has changed , the team and the project. Part of those changes concern Dybala’s contract which was not renewed today. Today there was a friendly meeting, very clear, respectful. It would have been easy for Juve to make a downward offer but it would not have been respectful to offer a discount for Paulo. He spent 7 years with us, there is respect for him. The decision was made, we thought about it a lot, but I want to underline one thing: the management of Juventus doesn’t make decisions against Juventus, but for Juventus.”


Maurizio Arrivabene gives an update on Paulo Dybala's contract

On if this the final decision: 


“Yes, we had a sincere approach. With the purchases in January, with the arrival of Vlahovic, Paulo’s position was no longer central. No, different parameters. We made evaluations of a technical nature: no one questioned Paulo’s skill and technical value. We then made considerations on the length of the contract and of an economic nature. We made some choices.”


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