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Maurizio Scanavino’s first words as a new CEO of Juventus

Max Statman



Maurizio Scanavino, new CEO of Juventus, intervenes after the appointment. A new black and white era is inaugurated.

He said: “I will guarantee the maximum commitment for Juventus, I will make available the experience gained driving other companies and other sectors. In these very intense months from DG – I also thank my colleagues for their availability, as done in the last meeting, in a period like the Christmas one that is not suitable for these rhythms – I must say that I found motivated, capable and working people with passion. With a series of projects launched, for the near future and also for a longer perspective.


“I speak of well-known people, such as Allegri, Cherubini, Braghin, Montemurro, but also those who work in the classic activities of a company, such as administration, commercial and marketing. With these people and with innovative projects, such as the Next Gen in particular, also mentioned by Agnelli, which is actually proving to be an extraordinary and strategic project, which has detonated several talents and brought elements permanently to the first team. Looking ahead, there are many in the supply chain, ready to blossom.

“There are many projects outside the sports field. In particular, the main one we will focus on is to go and enlarge the audience of Juventus loyalists. Go and add, to our huge audience and classic, mainly in Italy, young and international targets. Certainly thanks to new projects and new ways of communication, leveraging on values and history, and the strength of the Juventus brand, we think very interesting objectives can be achieved.

“Speaking of goals, surely when I met the team a couple of months ago, ambitions and goals don’t change. Those of the team and the corporate ones. Juve’s history has been able to combine success on the field and financial balance with commercial planning we intend to do it in the future too. With this I thank you, there will be opportunities and comparisons in the future.”




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