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Max Allegri appreciate Juventus board for Vlahovic and Zakaria

Max Statman



Massimiliano Allegri’s words ahead of Juventus tomorrow’s match against Hellas Verona, as he talked about Dusan Vlahovic, Denis Zakaria, Rodrigo Bentancur, Dejan Kulusevski, Weston McKennie, Juan Cuadrado and more.

He said: “Let’s say that the club did a great job, an excellent transfer market. Two important players arrived. Like Vlahovic, who scored many goals, with characteristics that we didn’t have, the best center forward around. Zakaria is a very good midfielder technically, he has a good pass, intelligent. They immediately joined and we will see if they can play tomorrow. How does Juve change? Juve and for the availability they have given, Bentancur in several years and Kulusevski in recent months, I wish them the best. How does the team change? It makes everyone responsible. The goal does not change, it is to get into the top four. If we had remained with the same players, it is the second part of the season, it is the most important, decisive, we cannot recover. From tomorrow to March 20 we have the championship, the Italian Cup and the Champions League.”



“The three [Vlahovic, Morata and Dybala] in front can play, as they cannot play. If they play together, they need to run otherwise the team will not be able to support them. The advantage is to have much more quality in front, but we must not lose team balance and compactness. It is not that we think we will score 6 goals per game, the balance must always be kept. The biggest risk tomorrow? Playing against a team that is doing an excellent league and a great job by Tudor. Juve have not beaten Verona in the last 4, Vlahovic has created an important enthusiasm and that’s okay, but you risk making a game out of sight. It should be interpreted like the others, you have to do well offensive and defensive phases. over. We start at 8.45 pm, until 11 pm you need to stay on the pitch. And you need to have balance. The strength of a great team is always to have balance.”


“Suitable to play the central or the mezzala? I saw him during the week, in the match he did the inside and did it well. He has a good pass, he can play in front of the defense. Tomorrow a particular game, we have McKennie returned this morning and will be available, Cuadrado yesterday and will be available. Locatelli out, Bonucci will be ready for Thursday and has had two training sessions and will not be in the game. Alex Sandro is negative and is available from Monday. Zakaria can play too, he has a good interception, with these long levers. A good pass forward. A good buy.”


“Can they benefit? With the arrival of Vlahovic, strengthening the attacking department, the responsibilities are distributed equally. They are not all on Vlahovic’s shoulders, absolutely. Important player. He is 22 years old, he has scored a lot of goals at Fiorentina, he wants to do well at Juventus. But the responsibilities lie with everyone. Attackers, midfielders, defenders. Everyone. Calmly, with balance, we need to improve the percentages of the scoring phase up front. We worked well with the break, from tomorrow the period that begins on March 20, until the next break begins.”


“Misdirection? I talk to the club, they were very good. We had things to do for the team well in mind, the club was good and was ahead of its time. It gave me a gift, to the fans, to everyone. Juventus always plays to win, improve, work to build the future. These two arrivals have anticipated the times. It is normal that it does not end here, then in June there will be another transfer market. But now let’s just think what to do in these months. The goal is to reach the top four.”


“First impression? Great desire, he made himself available, he’s intelligent. He wants to improve, at 22 he joined Juventus and it’s a big leap. Coming to Juventus from Fiorentina, with great respect, is different, yes he plays every 3 days, he will have to adapt. But he is human and physiological. For his age, 22, he is already very advanced. He has extraordinary qualities, the difference is made by the desire to improve.”


“Arthur plays [tomorrow], I’m glad he stayed. He has room for improvement in the development of the game, he has technique and did well when he was called up during the game in progress and from the start. We have important solutions in the mid-field and we have many matches.”


“We had to reach them regardless of the transfer market, Juventus always plays to reach the objectives. Then if the others deserve, we will shake hands. We started from the beginning of the year until today, and then from today until May 28th – we hope it will be May 28th – to reach the objectives. I speak from a technical point of view, the company looks at the economic side. The company has made a major effort to take one of the three youngest strikers on the world market . We have to congratulate. This should not make us think that we should not have reached the objectives, absolutely.”


“Are you unpleasant? No, but no. Great player, he had a good start. He had serious injury problems, he was out. In agreement with him we preferred that he go and play where he had more possibilities.”


“Best defender in Serie B, he has the characteristics to be at Juve in the future.”


“It is possible Danilo on the right, De Sciglio on the left. Alex Sandro is not there, Cuadrado returned yesterday and did not even know the entrance to Continassa. Did he return well? Yes, they played 3 games, pressure to qualifications … possible Danilo on the right, De Sciglio on the left.”


“Return from full-back? He can play low or high, depending on when there is a need.”


“Bernardeschi will be available from next week, the important thing is to have the right spirit as we have had for three months now. We need to continue playing as a team. We don’t think Vlahovic wins games alone. adding these players allows us to improve.

“We have goals, other than talking, of stronger or weaker squads. If we arrive we are stronger than the others. Championship is a journey in stages, the best one wins, the second is the best second, the third and the fourth. We have to finish in the top four. I have a strong squad available, and improved in January. You just need to work, without getting too caught up in enthusiasm and running out of steam.”


“Inzaghi says that Juve is back to fight for the Scudetto? Simone rightly says so, I think we will hardly get back into the Scudetto round, unless Inter, Milan, Napoli, Atalanta faint. the race on the other three, I think Inter is out of our reach. Maybe I don’t know the others. I think Inter are the favorites for the Scudetto, Simone rightly and out of luck says so. Okay.”


“Isn’t it understood? He played good games, then there are evaluations and offers from the market. , the difference lies in making choices. Even at an economic level, Bentancur and Kulusevski’s departure were disappointments, even at an economic level they were optimal choices.”


“The desire of a Juve player and wants to demonstrate, improve qualities and characteristics. He works all day and it’s good. But to achieve results there is the path of daily work, the desire to improve. It is worthwhile. for him and for everyone.”


“You are a stuff … now the transfer market is over, but you’re thinking about June already. Let’s try to get there! To win a little game, championship, Champions League, Italian Cup … in June we will see. It makes no sense to talk about it, it’s of another team, let’s focus on what we have to do and then we’ll see.”


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