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Max Allegri full post match press conference vs Inter Milan

Max Statman



Massimiliano Allegri, spoke to  DAZN ‘s microphones  after Juve’s victory against Inter : “Rabiot? I talked to him before the transfer and I told him that if he was happy to go he could go. I consider him good, he’s old of maturity and tonight he played an extraordinary match.   Nice to see the game because in moments of difficulty especially in the first half against a strong team like Inter, we had a bit of luck but when you have a proactive attitude it is easier to take home the result was different in the second half “.

CERTRZZE FOUND –  Surely the module has given more certainties but the greatest ones are those of a team that runs all together, it helps, they lower themselves behind the line of the ball and understand the moments of the game. At the beginning we played half an hour then we went out , now even in moments of difficulty we stay inside the game . We have to recover everyone but this spirit is important here. ”


THE CURTAIN WITH BARZAGLI –  ” Barzagli was a professor when he defended, it was extraordinary to see him defend. They were good today especially in the second half they did an extraordinary defensive phase ”

FINALLY –  ” Returning to beating Inter after four games was important, winning a direct match. Once we took the lead, we found more pitch, we only risked once with Lautaro, when you play games with this attitude it’s hard to score. ”

LONG ROAD –  “The championship is long, we had some empty passes especially in the Champions League but this is a victory that must give us satisfaction, from tomorrow we have to reset everything because in Verona it will be a difficult match and then Lazio.

OBJECTIVES -” In this moment we need to see those who are ahead, we are two points from fourth place, the championship is still long, Napoli are doing extraordinary things but then after the break I don’t know what will happen. The goal is to do the maximum, we must not think that with the victory tonight the season is over, there is to work, improve and recover all the players because then with the Europa League we will also play on Thursday, a little step at a time.”


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