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Max Allegri: Ramsey is leaving before the end of the month





Speaking to the journalists Max Allegri said that the team is doing fine and at the moment is in good shape to compete. He added that Milan-Juve is going to be vital for the league table,

On the squad-report Max added that all the players are available except Leonardo Bonucci who is out due to some discomforts and Aaron Ramsey who is leaving the club at the end of this month.


Talking about the conditions and importance of Paulo Dybala he said that, he is better physically and growing and he is a calm player.
This helps paulo and he has less responsibilities on him it helps him to play freely on the pitch. He added he will help the team a lot until the end of the season

On Moise Kean, Max allegri said that Moise is doing fine and he is a very reliable player to have and let’s not forget he is born in 2000.

The most important point is of mercato, Max Allegri said that the squad will remain like this and it will not change until the end of season.

On Arthur, Max Allegri said that he is out of play from 6 months and he is slowly recovering from it and he is getting some minutes and showing his qualities and he believes in arthur.

On Scudetto, Max Allegri said that he is not into making plans, we live match by match and in the end of february we will see where we stand
three points is the most important achievement tommorow, He added Milan is a technically blessed side and they had many positive results.

Allegri on mistakes added that the first four league games have put the team in a difficult and it is now a thing of respect for the players and the clubto catch up on the team. But he totally accepted that the team made a mistake.

Max said that the boys are working well on the pitch and they understood that it’s the question of the respect and if they find an appropriate balance they can do well.

On the first game vs milan , he said that Milan could’ve won that game because they are an unpredictable team and they have to pay a lot of attention tomorrow.

On Ronaldo and the game vs udinese he said that Ronaldo left this year and the squad is young so they have to gain some experience and on the game vs Udinese he said the team played with a proper maturity and waited for the right moment to score and he considers it a step forward.

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