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Max Allegri: ‘We enjoy defending, it’s in our DNA’




Following Juventus’ triumphant win in Florence, Massimiliano Allegri, the manager, shared his thoughts with Sky Sport on the match and the team’s performance.

When asked about Juventus’ remarkable defensive record, Allegri expressed his satisfaction, saying, “I am pleased with the victory because it had been five years since Juventus last won in Florence. The players put in a great effort against a Fiorentina side that plays very well. In the first half, we performed well but missed a couple of crucial passes.


“As for Rugani, he’s been with Juventus for eight years and understands what it means. Today, he played like a veteran and was underrated because, defensively, he’s one of the best, not to mention an extraordinary individual.”

Regarding their current position compared to Inter and Atalanta, Allegri said, “I am happier with the +7 point difference over Atalanta. We need to keep a low profile and continue working to turn our weaknesses into strengths.

“We’ll face Cagliari on Saturday, and I had no doubt that Rabieri would get them back on track after winning three consecutive matches, two in Serie A and one in the Coppa Italia. It will be a tough game, especially as we’ll have a break afterward, and we must not spoil what we’ve achieved so far.”

When questioned about whether Juventus gave up too early after scoring a goal, Allegri explained, “We didn’t give up too early, but against Fiorentina, it was challenging because we lost possession too quickly. We faced some difficulties and need to improve our ability to retain the ball in the opponent’s half without rushing our play.

“In the second half, we started well with Chiesa’s chance, but then they raised their defensive line, and Fiorentina played well. Do we enjoy defending? It’s in our DNA. Last week, we played 90 minutes in the opponent’s half, and the key is to be able to do both. We’ve improved in directing the game when defending, but there are other areas where we need to improve.”

As for their ambitions, Allegri acknowledged, “There’s a team ahead of us that has been built over the years to win Serie A titles, so it’s natural that they are at the top. Milan and Napoli had a head start, while we are a group of young players who play for each other. We need to keep working without getting carried away because there are many matches left, and our goal is to return to the Champions League.”

Allegri also praised Miretti for his first goal, saying, “He’s a player who often faces criticism, even when he delivers good performances. Today, he scored a beautiful goal because he was in the right place at the right time.”

Regarding the midfield and attacking options for the upcoming match against Cagliari, Allegri mentioned, “We have various alternatives. Chiesa and Kean performed well, and we also needed players who could take control up front, and Milik and Vlahovic did an excellent job. We’ll have to come up with something for Rabiot, who is suspended, as we have many young talents in the squad.”