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Max Allegri’s full press conference ahead of the match vs Benfica

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Massimiliano Allegri spoke on the eve of the match against Benfica. Translation courtesy of

What is the value of this match?


“There is great value because only the victory counts. We are in a moment of growth and we know we cannot make mistakes”.

Is it the night before exams?

“I think that before the game we always think of showing our best, so nothing changes. We always enter the field to win and tomorrow it will be like that.”


How do you beat a team that hasn’t lost in nineteen games?

“I’m sure it will be a very difficult match but we are prepared and we will play a great match.”

What do you think of Benfica?


“We have already played with them and we know their qualities. They have players who know how to make a difference and we will be more prepared than the previous one.”

It’s a competition from inside or outside …

“Our only thought is victory. We will do everything to win tomorrow’s match.”


Massimiliano Allegri begins to speak

What weaknesses do Benfica have?

“In the first leg it was a particular match, we had a good start and we had had opportunities to double then that penalty changed everything. We know we absolutely have to win.”


On the form?

“In the last two games I have tried to make the most of the characteristics of the team I have available. We have to play a very good game on a defensive level and create opportunities as we did in the first leg.”

What game are you expecting tomorrow?


“Tomorrow we know that it is an important game that will tell us if we have the chance to hope for a passage of the round. In the same way it would guarantee us a place in the Europa League. Lately we are doing better. Tomorrow there is a great game to play and we will try. to do it better “.

What should Juventus not do tomorrow?

“Tomorrow the only risk we have is that there is too much euphoria and you can lower your defense. This must not happen and we must remain compact because defending well, in all areas of the pitch, you attack even better”.


Are you afraid that this “magical” moment will be interrupted?

“We don’t have to put ourselves in a position to stop this magical moment. Above all we have to make a great performance. I believe that tomorrow will go well, maybe I’m wrong but I believe in this.”

Would you consider an eventual elimination a failure?


“Tomorrow to try to achieve a result we must have the utmost attention. The risk is that of having too much enthusiasm. The immune defenses should not be lowered but rather should be raised. The boys have prepared well”.

“Personal failure? No, I would be very sorry. Let’s not think about this. Let’s take one step at a time. The team is doing well and the important thing is to have a very compact game.”



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