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Max Statman writers pick their Juventus best player and flop of the season




Here are the opinions of some of Max Statman’s writers on Juventus’s best players and flops of the season:

Muhammad Shakeel: 

“I’m picking Dybala as my best player, based on points won in the league for Juve this season. His goal contributions have won Juventus 10 pts alone. Yes, he’s been inconsistent and fitness issues have been carrying on as well but he still has decent numbers. Dybala has 20 G/A in all competitions in 35 apperances this season. This is most goal contributions by any Juventus player. Dybala has also played the most key passes by a Juventus player in Serie A (38) and completed most dribbles (41).


As good as de Ligt is and has been, much of it is down to the approach of Allegri. Our defense plays deeper, there are not many 1v1’s a centre back could face in this approach. I’m not saying Allegri’s game plan is making De Ligt good because he is already really good but it makes the centre backs look better, where as, Dybala’s not getting any favours with this approach. The team rarely outposses anyone in the league and the attackers recieve the ball really deep. Hence, I’ll give Dybala the edge.

As far as flops are concerned, Alex Sandro and Rabiot have been really poor whole season and deserve a mention.”

Adamo Luciano: 

“Dybala biggest flop, He spent all off season posted videos of him training in American only to come back to Italy and continue with the same old injuries, Dybala knew, this season was a contract year, he worked in United States with his personal trainers and spent thousands of dollars on his body to comeback and be in tip top form and say, look at me and tie me to a big contract but what happened is the same old injuries and now they’re going to get rid of him. How can you say that is not a flop.


Matthjis De Ligt, most reliable 100%.”

Julian Buffin: 

“Dybala hasn’t done much at all due to his injuries but even his attitude towards games have changed since years ago. Its definitely not the same Dybala from 2016-17, God i miss that Dybala,

Best player imo well there’s a few I think Cuadrado has done really really well most of our opportunities come from him when he is fit he is key. De Ligt as well has really come into his own and even Danilo has done pretty decent at times.”



“Well imo too dybala is the flop of the season simply because he had to step up this season and he couldn’t with Cr7’s untimely departure and Chiesa’s drop in output we were expecting him as a senior player to lead the attacking unit but most of his season was overshadowed with him struggling to find continuity due to his injuries or the contract extension fiasco yes all the burden shouldn’t have been on him but his demands were of 10 mil year if you have demands like that then your output should also match.

Though if we want to excuse him due to his injuries then the biggest flop can also be Kean yes he wasn’t a Ronaldo replacement but the way he performed he doesn’t even look fit to be a Morata replacement expectations were more from him too but he was the worse player in our attack

The best has to be De Ligt he did what we expected from dybala in the attack department , he took the reins after chiellini and Bonucci were injured and became an integral piece of our defence.”



“Best player: De Ligt. He’s been solid and reliable, apart from like 2-3 matches. He helped transform a weak defence at the start of the season to a good one, also with player like De Sciglio, Rugani and Alex Sandro alongside him. For me, he really became a leader as well. Can seem him as our next captain if Chiellini and Dybala leave.

Worst player: Arthur. Glimpses of greatness, like against Sampdoria, but overall just not good enough. Way too inconsistent and at times it looked like he didn’t even care.”



“I choose de Ligt as my best player of the season too. I don’t think that needs to be addressed any further. The flop of the season is Alex Sandro. He singlehandedly buried our chances on Supercoppa and was looking rather inexperienced than experienced in way too many moments which is crazy since it’s his 7th season with us. Those reasons should be big enough for Juve to finally let him go in the summer.”

Cheshta Srivastava: 

“For me best player is de Ligt undoubtedly. Hoping to see him as captain next season.

And i would name Kean as the flop of the season. He is just not juve material. Period. Bringing him back after Ronaldo left was just an impulsive mistake. Even if we keep the attitude problems aside, he is pretty inconsistent.”



“For me best player is Manuel Locatelli he provided that balance to the midfield when we needed it the most scored the winner in Derby and whenever he’s on the pitch our midfield looked more stable than last season with a solid partnership next season he’ll show his qualities more and more

Flop of the Season for me is between Kean and Sandro and To be honest Sandro more as he’s our first choice left back and he performed badly this season he’s not the player from the last 3 seasons and he should be sold next season he also cost us the supercoppa italiana.

I preferred locatelli because our midfield is shittier than our defence and he made it stable and performed great in maximum games he played without him we don’t have a midfield meanwhile De ligt is the second one for me.


Enrique Ortega:

“I would put Locatelli after de Ligt as best player of the season. The reason de Ligt is the player of the season for me is that without Locatelli, we still win, Eve tho it’s shitty wins, but without de Ligt, we’re not even making top 6. De Ligt is the leader on the pitch even when Dybala or someone other than chiellini is wearing the armband. De Ligt is easily the most important player to keep for the future

Sandro has easily been the worst player of the season for 3 years now.”